Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


2. 2.


I opened my eyes to a bit of sun poking through the window behind my TV. I reached over and checked the time before getting up out of bed. Opening my curtains and walking out of my room to the brightly lit up house from all of the windows that cover nearly every wall.


I would normally go over to the fridge and grab some food to eat but because I only moved in yesterday, I don’t have any food.


Walking back down my hallway to my room, I grabbed a t-shirt dress out and some flip-flops and brushed my teeth before grabbing my car keys to my little Hyundai Accent and walking out the front door.


I got into my graphite coloured car and turned it on before driving into town and going shopping for some food. I found the nearest super market and parked my car before going and grabbing a trolley.


Firstly I went to the fruit and vegetable and deli section, grabbing some watermelon, strawberries, apples, bananas, oranges, almonds, lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, shallots, celery, carrots and more salad food. Then went to the dairy and got some cheese and milk and walked through the isles to get things like oats, ice cream (for milkshakes), cereal, snack food anything like that. I also grabbed some containers to store things in and some nice little ornaments I found. Also a couple of normal mugs, and then I found and white owl mug and a teal mug which were only $5 each. On my way out I also grabbed some water to put in my fridge until I get a water filter. There is a fancy one on the front of the fridge but I prefer a filter.


Loading up my car and driving all the way home again. Before I grabbed out the groceries, I opened my front door and pinned it back so I could walk straight in. I grabbed a few bags and then I heard a friendly voice. “Let me help you” I looked to my right to see Dean grabbing some bags, which made me smile


“Thanks” I said as we walked in and then I went back out to lock my car and close the front door.


I slowly unpacked, putting things in containers and away where I thought they should go. I put everything else away and put all the mugs in the dishwasher.


“So you’re like a major health food person”. Dean said and I turned around to see him sitting at the bar.


“Not really, I have a lot of pizza and stuff like that, but to be honest, I think that healthy food tastes better” I replied walking around and sitting down on the couch.


As I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV flicking through channels, Dean came and sat down beside me. “How do I know if your not some creepy guy, who really doesn’t live next door but he just says he is to come around and stalk me?” I asked turning to look at him with a massive grin on my face and he smiled.


“Trust me. I’m not a creepy stalker guy” he said back
“I am Dean Forester, 18 years old, I live and come from Australia obviously, my birthday is May 19th and I have a little sister who moved out not to long ago to live with my dad. I have only ever had 3 girlfriends, all dumped me and I think the girl next door is drop dead gorgeous” he said making me smile as he did.


“Well, seeing you told yourself about me. My name is Clara Scott, I am 17 years old, I have an older brother, who does everything for me, both my parents recently passed away and that’s why I moved here, and I think I’m liking the company of my attractive neighbour” I replied back to him and he smiled.


He looked at me and i leaned in and pressed my lips against his before quickly pulling away. What was i thinking? like his looks completely make me dizzy but i can't go around kissing people? 


He leaned in and kissed me pushing my back onto the couch so he was hovering over me. I was so into it, closing my eyes and letting my entire body relax as I felt it get so close to his.


There was a knock on the door and I pulled away jumping up and walking over to the door opening it to see my brother there. “Jack” (Short for Jaxon) I said looking at him and he was smiling at me. I opened the door and let him in turning around to see Stephan sitting on the couch like he was watching TV. “Umm Jack, this is Dean. The neighbour” I introduced him and Jack walked over shaking his hand.


I opened the fridge. “Want something to eat” I asked looking it the fridge and I felt a presence beside me and I looked over to see Jack beside me reaching to grab the wine that I got yesterday.


“Already drinking again Clara” he said grabbing a glass and pouring some creating me to look at him and he looked at me back.


“No. It was a gift and I have had one glass” I muttered looking down at my hands and then lifting my eyes to see Dean looking at me. “Jack what are you doing here?” I asked looking at him.


“I came to check up on you”. He answered taking a drink of the wine.


“Well you can see I’m fine so you can go now”. I muttered walking down the hallway to my room closing the door and resting my head against it. I loved him and all but i really hated him some times. Since my parents died, he has been so protective and worrying all the time. I sat there for a few seconds regretting what I had done when my parents first died.


There was a soft knock on the door, and I lifted my head and opening the door to see Dean standing there looking at me. “He left” he said and I nodded turning around and sitting down on the bed. “What did he mean by again?” he asked sitting down beside me.


“Back when my parents first died, I kind of went a little bit mentally unstable if that makes sense. My parents were everything to me. When I lost them I couldn’t sleep, eat, anything. I turned towards being drunk all the time, I overdosed but Jack found me. I honestly don’t think I could have gotten any lower” I mumbled looking at my hands and then back up at him to see him looking down at me.


“Listen to me. You lost your parents, your life went down hill, its okay.” He said looking sincere and I nodded and he kissed my head. “I’m going to go check up on mum and get ready for tonight” he said getting up and leaving the room. A few seconds later I heard the front door shut.


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