Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


15. 15.

so it was around 7pm the next night and we skipped the neighbours party and i was just closing up all the blinds. i turned around to see Dean on the couch so i went over and straddled him before he looked at me. one of his hands we on my bare thigh and the other one moved to my face before he pulled me down and smashed his lips onto mine. both his hands moved to my straps of my pink silk nighty before he slid them over my shoulders allowing it to fall to my hips. 


he moved both his hands and gripped onto my ass before pulling my in so i could feel him under me as he started to get a hard on. his lips parted from mine as he put his face to my chest and left little kisses before i got up letting the nighty fall to the ground leaving me in my black underwear before grabbing his hand and walking into our room. 


i sat down on the bed and he took off his shirt before climbing and hovering over me pushing me back to lay on the bed. he started to kiss me again and i found my way down to his pants and undid them and he kicked them off leaving him in his boxers. before i took them off i teased him and slightly ran my hand over him and i could feel him tense up a bit. his hand moved and tugged and my underwear and i kicked them off before he kicked off his boxers and slowly slid himself inside me. 


as he began to thrust in and out i moved my hands from his neck to the bed. as he quickened i gripped onto the sheets as i felt pleasure rush through my body. he slowed down again and caught his breath while i ran my fingers through his hair before he sped up. this time i wrapped my legs around him and tried to bring him as close as i possibly could to me. 


i began to moan as my head tilted back and then he did it. he hit the best spot making me tense up completely before gripping onto the sheets. before he cummed he pulled out and fell beside me and i looked at him as his eyes closed and he started to breathe deeply. 



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