Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


14. 15

its been four days and i was standing in the kitchen leaning against the counter in my little black satan robe with only undergarments on. i saw Dean walk out in some black ripped skinny jeans without a shirt and he just looked so attractive. before he stepped into the kitchen the doorbell rang and he walked over and opened it. 


there were four girls around our age standing at the door and the blonde one in the front grinned and looked him up and down. me, being jealous i walked up and stood beside him and her face dropped when she saw me but she grinned and looked at Dean. 


"We are your new neighbours and we just wanted to come and introduce ourselves" she said and pointed at Deans old house and i slid my hand into his. "I'm Sarah, this is Bell, Jazmine and Britney" she pointed at her friends and i nodded. 


"Im Dean and this is my girlfriend Clara and your living in my old house" he replied looking over and they nodded. 


"Well we are having a Friday the thirteenth party this friday for a opening and maybe you guys should come" she said and Dean nodded and we said goodbye before he closed the door. 

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