Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


1. 1.

Living on the beach was one of my all time goals. And i finally get to do it. 

my name is Clara and i am 17 years old, long blonde hair and 5 foot 2.

my parents both died and my older brother Jaxon (A/N: he looks exactly like Jared Padalecki when he was in Gilmore Girls)  lives with his girlfriend in our parents house. i couldn't live their anymore because it was too much pain to remember about. so i moved. i have moved out and now living on the beach just outside of town. a little two bedroom, two bathroom house that was perfect. my parents bought it a long time ago but we never moved in, so i thought i should. 

i walked into the front door and went straight into a large lounge with a white kitchen and small dining room. there was a hallway and i walked down to find a master bedroom (It was more towards the back of the house with my bathroom and robe towards the front) with a walk-through-robe and a bathroom and then on the opposite wall from mine, there was the other bathroom and across from the master was a spare room. at the end of the hallway there was a sliding door to my outdoor area and the beach. 

i got my brother to set up my bed in my room. it was a kind with a white leather, ledge all the way around and then a white leather headboard. i set up a set of draws across from my bed and put my television on it and then my vanity was on the hallway wall. i unpacked all my clothes and organised it in type of clothing such as jackets and tops and skirts and colour coordinate. 

i walked out to see someone roughly 6 foot 3 standing at the door. (A/N: just imagine its Jay Alvarrez as Dean) 

"Um hi, uhhhh i live next door but thats like a good 500meters away and mum mom wanted me to bring around this cake, its uhh vanilla" he said with a beautiful straight white smile on his face. 

"Come in" i said smiling stepping aside. "Im Clara by the way" i continued as he stepped aside my and walked towards the kitchen putting the cake down on the bench. 

"Dean" he said putting his hand out and i shook it. there was another ring at the door and i spun around to see a guy in a uniform with a clipboard so i walked towards the door and saw the delivery van. i signed the document and they started to bring in the furniture i ordered. 

a nice grey couch and a TV cabinet and a new TV. also a small corner chair and a glass dining room sweet with acrylic chairs. they left it all in the lounge and left and Dean smiled. "Come on ill help" he said and i walked over to the couch and pulled the plastic off it. the all of my bathroom is wear the TV is going so I'm putting my couch in the middle of the room across from it. Dean helped me and then the small arm chair went in the corner of the lounge. we put the dining room table together and pushed the chairs underneath it. 

"Thanks for helping me" i said and he nodded and walked back out the door and i closed it and locked it. 

i turned around and looked around the house. i grabbed my phone and dialled the pizza guys number and ordered a cheese pizza. i turned on the television and watched some pretty little liars before he got here. i grabbed out some cash and paid him before going and sitting out the back to eat pizza. i saw Dean on the beach and i left the pizza outside before running back in and putting on a black bikini and grabbing a towel and walking outside to run down to the water and i dived in. 

i stood up and ran my hands through the water before looking down the beach. i noticed Dean was walking over so i slowly walked through the water to him. "I would be careful around this time if i was you" Dean said and he pointed towards where he came from and there was a group of guys walking down the beach. 

"Lets just say they aren't a nice bunch" he said and he walked out of the water and i followed him and grabbed my towel before we walked up to my deck. i noticed they were all walking down the beach with at least 3 girls with them. "Theres new girls everyday" he said and i sat down.

"They all live together. theres  guys and every week they have a party. my sister went one year. now she lives with dad" he said and i looked at him 

"What happened?" i said and he sat down "Sorry i don't mean to invade"

"No its okay. um lets just say she is no longer a virgin. and it wasnt voluntary." he said looking at his hands. 

"Im sorry" i looked at him and he looked like he was angry. 

"they got her drunk and she passed out on one of the guys beds. i walked in there and nearly killed him" he said and one of the guys as they walked past looked at us and grinned. 

i invited Dean inside and we went and sat at the table. "Want some cake?" i spoke smiling and he laughed and nodded as i cut up some. "So how long have you lived here?" i spoke and he replied with all his life. 

i sat beside him as we ate the cake. "Um I'm going to go for a quick shower. you can wait here if you want" he nodded and i walked up the hallway to my room and closing the door. i closed the curtains that looked out onto the beach and walked through my closet to the bathroom, undressing and washing my hair and body. i got out walking through to my bedroom and going to my draws grabbing a night gown and a bra-let and some underwear. i got dressed and wrapped myself in my robe. i blow dried my hair and walked out sliding on my ugg boots.

i noticed Dean wasnt in the dining room but there was a knock on the front door so i walked over and opened it. there was the group of guys from the beach standing there so i didnt open the screen door and i crossed my arms. "Hi" i said and they all smiled

"Hi love. i thought we should just introduce ourselves. I'm Jonny, this is Sam, Leo, Jack and Jordan and we live two doors down" he said and i nodded 

"Clara" i said softly smiling and i heard a flush and and i turned around to see Dean walking out of the bathroom and coming up behind me and crossing his arms. 

"Guys" he said and i looked up at him and then at the boys at the door. 

"Dean" Jonny said and i looked down. 

"What you guys doing here?" Dean said 

"Just coming to meet the pretty lady and give her a nice bottle of red wine" they said holding it up so i slowly opened the door and he handed me the wine and i closed the door. i walked over and put it on the bench and i looked over to see Dean muttering and the other guys leaving and he closed the door. 

"You've been invited to their party tomorrow night and they aren't taking no for an answer" he said turning around and i pushed myself up onto the bench. 

"Ill go if you go" i said and he nodded. "Ill come by your place tomorrow night then" i said and he nodded before walking out the front and pulling the door closed behind him. i locked up the entire the house and walked into my room and climbed into bed turning on the television putting on 10 things i hate about you. 

it was half way through and i slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

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