As the Stars Spin

I've always wondered why we were called the Watchers. I mean, something like 'Guardians' or 'Children of the Wishes' would be much better. More fitting, more dreamy, more like... us. But I guess you can't argue with those obsolete things. Not when they dictated your existence. Not when you were born to serve, and born to be forgotten.


1. Prologue

We were misfits 
The unworshipped 
The shunned 
The monsters under your bed
The flickering shadows 
Around the corner 
But worry not,
For we are not here to maim nor frighten 
For only your mind can do that to you 

To protect is our mandate 
To kill one another is our paragon sin 
And to exist is our greatest wish 

We are the Watchers 
And for eternity, 
We swear
by our soulless state of being 
To defend the dreamers 
From the nightmares of reality 


... That is all.



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