catch me l.h.

Do i walk away heartbroken or fall for him and let him catch me ?
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2016 all rights reserved.


3. ii.


Luke Hemmings, he sounds bad just like his taste in music.

"Alright. well that's all i wanted to know" I say as i get off the couch.

"wow Bell, you don't even want to spend some quality time with your brother" he says as he keeps his eyes on the tv. I roll my eyes and keep walking.

"I think I'll pass." i walk up the stairs and to my room and go straight to the window and pull down the shutters. Still being able to hear the loud music coming from this Luke guy. I peek through the shutters focusing on the window across from me that was wide open. All i could see were posters all over the wall, nothing exciting. Until i see a shirtless blonde walking around the room and then he stops.

I raise an eyebrow, he looked like he was working out, i could only see his back. I manage to bump my forehead.

"ow'' i rub my hand against my forehead, but keep my eyes on the boy. I freak out for a moment because i didn't see him. But then a pair of blue eyes pop out of nowhere.

"shit" i drop to the ground, and i end up bumping my head on my table.

"fuck" I swear if i were to become a spy i would be so horrible.

I rub my head with my hand and get up and decided to take a shower and sleep and call it a day.


I wake up to the sound of someone knocking on the door. I groan and reach out to get my phone and see its only noon. I get out of bed and walk towards the door to see who it is.

" I got it" I hear Jordan yell. I rub my eyes and collapse on my bed and look at the ceiling.

" I might as well get ready" I sigh and get up and being to apply my makeup and hair. Once i was done i change into a pair of shorts and a crop top and make my way towards the kitchen wanting something to eat.

Once i was at the kitchen i run my hand through my hair and open the fridge and take out some yogurt.

" Hey Bella" I hear Jordan say from behind me as i grab a spoon from the drawer.

" Hey Jordan who was at the" I stop once i turn around and see a blonde with familiar blue eyes sitting next to Jordan.

" Oh yeah this is Luke our new neighbor. And Luke this is my twin sister Bella" Luke's lips turn into a grin as he looks me up and down. I do the same he wasn't that bad looking he looked like a fucking model. Before i can say anything he beats me to it.

" Hi Bella" His blue eyes looking directly at mine. It was kinda attracti-. Wait, i have a boyfriend.

" Uh Hi. Umm i'm sorry i have to go and meet up with my boyfriend. I'll see you later Jordan. uh nice meeting you Luke" I say and run out of there leaving my yogurt behind. I grab my car keys and walk out the house.

I shake my head and get in the car trying to ignore the fact the Luke was pretty hot.I drive straight to Kendall's house wanting to tell her everything before i go see Liam.

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