catch me l.h.

Do i walk away heartbroken or fall for him and let him catch me ?
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2016 all rights reserved.


2. i.


I get out of the taxi and stand outside my house with a huge smile on my face. I'm finally back home after four months in Italy helping out with charity's and staying at my Aunt's house. I pay the driver and take my suitcases and begin to walk towards the door, I'm so excited to get to see my brother and my dad again after a long time. I open the door and place my things by the stairs and walk to the kitchen. Where i see my twin brother Jordan watching hockey.

" Whose winning so far ?'' He turns around and his blue eyes go wide and a smile appears on his lips.

"Bella" he says as he runs towards me and gives me a hug, i laugh and  hug him back as well. Our dog Hunter also runs and jumps on me making me laugh.

" I thought you were coming in two weeks" He says as he lets me go.

" Well i thought it would be a nice surprise and i wanted to come home as soon as possible too" I say as i pet Hunter. he laughs.

" Well dads going to be gone for two weeks since he has a business trip if you want you can get some rest because i'm pretty sure you're tired" I nod.

" Yeah, your right. I'll just take a little nap, and then we can talk''I nod.

" alright" I walk upstairs and head to my room, I sigh as i see how neat everything was, just how i left it. I walk straight to my bed and lay down looking a my ceiling.

It's so nice to be back in California, And within a week School will start again and senior year will go by in a blast.I try to go to sleep but i hear loud music coming from next door. Which makes me raise an eyebrow because our neighbors our quiet and elderly so they would never play loud music. I stand up and walk towards my window and open it, but instantly close it again. The heavy rock metal was blasting, making me bump into my table and knocking down a picture of me and my boyfriend. I pick it up and go downstairs.

" hey Jordan why is there horrible music coming from next door" I ask as i walk to the living to find him with Hunter.  

" Oh we got some new neighbors, Mrs and Mr. Smith decided to move to New York with Their grandchildren" I nod and sit down next to him.

" So who are our new neighbors ?'' I ask as i pet Hunter.

" Well there's a married couple, and they have a little girl i forgot her name and they have a son our age. Luke his a pretty cool guy" I nod.

" The guy with the horrible music" He laughs and nods again.

" What did you say his name was again ?''

"Luke Hemmings"

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