High kingdoms

"Look you don't like me and I don't like you. Now we can just be civil for tonight and then have nothing to do with each other."
"I don't think thats going to happen hun. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." He says.
For everything fan fiction competition.


9. Chapter 8

So Harry Styles likes me and not in a friendly way, like do you want to come round and have pizza sometime and we can stay up really late watching movies. He fancies me, but boy has he got a weird way of showing it. "Someone wake her up were almost here." Liam shouts.

I can feel that were in a car from the bumps that jostle me around. Someones breath is tickling my face, it smells like peppermints. Someones lips are on mine kissing me. I nibble their bottom lip and then push them off. I sit up and look around. Were in a limo that has blacked out windows so I can't see anything through them, I must have fallen asleep in the bathroom. Harry is sitting next to me smirking his pants off so I guess it was him who kissed me.

"Shit." I say wiping my mouth. "Harry I swear to god if you try that again you will not here the end of it." I growl at him. He just chuckles.

"Oh come on I know you liked it. You also know I could shut you up with a click of my fingers." He says going back to his old threatening self. I gulp and move away from him. He puts his arm around me and pulls me into his chest. I sigh and give up trying to fight as he is much stronger than me.

"I knew it." I whisper not expecting anyone to here me.

"What do you know love?" I feel my cheeks beginning to heat up by the way he says love but I turn away so he can't see. Louis notices though.

"She's blushing Harry." Louis says, I glare at him but he just gives me that annoying smirk. I don't bother trying to defend myself as thats what they want. A reaction.

"I don't care Louis." But I can tell that he does from the smirk that has crept across his dimpled face." What do you know." Harry asks putting more force in the question. He grabs the sensitive bit of skin on my hip and twists it.

"That you would go back to your old self and wouldn't stay nice for long." I say quickly. He lets go of me and his hands fall limp on his lap. He looks at Louis and something passes between them that I don't understand. It must be about their conversation from earlier.

The limo stops and Niall opens the door. We all get out infront of the 'little cottage' but actually its the size of a 6 bedroom house. I suppose if you compared it to the palace it would count as a cottage. I feel the now sort of familiar sensation of going into a flashback begin.

"Harry!" I shout as he is the closest person to me. He manages to catch me just before I collapse.

"MOVE!" He shouts rushing inside and placing me down gently on the sofa. I close my eyes and feel myself being ripped away from my body into the vision.


I follow the smaller version of me through the woods as she follows Harry's dad. It must be just after the scene by the lake that I saw a few days ago. We reach the edge of the trees where the 'cottage' stands. I gasp, this must be why it seems familiar. Harry's dad looks back and makes eye contact with me its almost like he can see me but I know thats not true as I'm invisible. It must be someone behind me, I turn but its only trees blocking the way back to the lake. I gulp and rush to follow them through the front door. I get into the cosy hallway as the door slams behind me.

"Baby come here." I see a younger version of my mother say.

"Mummy." Young me shouts running over and jumping into her arms. My mum starts uttering words under her breath I watch as my tiny body slowly become limp. After a few minutes she stops, sweating at her brow.

"Is it done. Is her memory gone?" Harry's dad asks.

"Its gone alright." My mum says walking out the room. My parents erased my memory. I sink to the floor and cry into my hands. I never had anyone and never will. Actually I had Harry when I was younger but now he is just a monster.

~~~~~Normal time~~~~~

"No Mum don't do it. Please stop. Harry save me." I shout writhing around trying to breaks the bonds holding me, keeping me tied to the vision. I finally feel all of me going back to my body. I gasp for air hacking up nothing as my stomach is empty.

"Its alright baby. I'll save you any time you need saving." Harry whispers stroking my sweaty hair away from my face

"Its alright baby. I'll save you any time you need saving." Harry whispers stroking the sweaty hair away from my face. I bury my face in his chest and he pulls me closer. There is a massive stampede of footsteps and then I hear the door slam open.

"What's going on we heard shouting." Liam says.

"Naw look at the two lovebirds." I hear Louis say. I stay in Harry's arms scared out of my mind.

"Harry?" I ask.

"Yes love?"

"I'm scared." I say looking up into his green eyes.

"Look I think we all have a lot of explaining to do." Harry says getting up and sitting down next to me. The rest of the boys sit on the other couches and chairs.

"I'll start.! I say taking a big breath. "So ever since my parents died I've been passing out lots. I go into these strange sort of flashback things. It's situations in normal time that are similar to ones in the past that triggers them." Harry glances at Louis looking very worried. "In the visions I'm only away for a few minutes but in real time I'm away for days. I also heard Harry and Louis conversation the other day about fortune tellers and that I'm one. What are the rest of you then?" I finish with. Their is then a very awkward silence and I can tell that I've found out a lot more than what I should have.

"Harry you should probably explain." Liam says, Harry just nods but continues staring at his hands.

"I want Niall to explain, I don't trust Harry." I say, I've just realized that my arm is still round Harry. I slowly withdraw it but by the look on his face I can tell that he's hurt.

"I've told you before princess. I don't know everything so the others may have to step in. Is that alright?" Niall asks I nod but Harry looks puzzled.

"What have you told her before?" Harry asks in a ruff tone

"What the tattoos on everyone's collar bone are." I say. He sighs but leans back waiting for Niall to start.

"So your a fortune teller just like Louis, Louis is also part fairy. Your powers are slightly stronger than his as you can go into visions without using a crystal ball. Where as Louis has to use a ball. Harry and Liam are saviors. They protect the world against evil things like sprites and fairies. I'm just a normal human. I've had charms put on me to follow Harry's orders because I'm normal. Liam and Louis have the charm built into them because of their specie. They are ordered to follow whoever they work for and it is very hard for them to disobey. Where as I can slightly because the charm is not as strong. Your considered a big threat to the world because of your powers which is why you don't have any of your memories below the age of seventeen. You were meant to forget that year as well but your mum didn't put the charm on you in time and... are you alright?" He asks looking at me worriedly. I get up and rush into the adjoining kitchen where I proceed to throw up in the sink. Someone scoops my hair up away from my neck and rubs my back. I wipe my mouth with a tissue and then down a glass of water.

"It's okay we don't have to carry on if you don't want to. We could explain it some other time." Harry says hugging me. I push away and look into his eyes. I can see the concern in them.

"No I want to carry on." I say walking back to the sitting room and sitting down on a chair.

"So because your now getting married to Harry you will have to make a blood promise and another tattoo will appear on you. A blood promise creates a tattoo. If the promise is broken then you die. So once you've made it and you then want a divorce with Harry you die basically." Niall finishes with. I raise an eyebrow.

"If I don't want to be with Harry would we both die?" I ask. Niall says no at the same time Harry says yes.

"Yes we would both die because we made one when we were tiny together. So if you decided you didn't want to then we would both suffer." He says looking sad. I can see a tear rolling down his cheek but I catch it with my thumb and wipe it up. Great so if I decide to say no at the wedding we both die. I can't put Harry through this. I could put myself through it but not Harry.

"I think you should go to bed." Liam says standing up and looking at me.

"Yeah we have a few more things to discuss." Louis says smiling. I just nod and head upstairs. I enter the nearest door I can find and open it. It leads to a big bedroom with a king size bed in it. It hasn't been used yet so I guess it a free room. I drag my feet over to the bed and fall almost immediately asleep.

I wake up in the morning with a splitting headache and a rumbling stomach. I get out of the massive bed and plod downstairs as quietly as I can. There is lots of shouting from the kitchen so I stand outside the door to see if I can find anything else out.

"She is not being trained by you end of story." Harry shouts, he could only be talking about me.

"She needs to be trained otherwise she will just keep going into visions and one of the times she will get suck in there and will have no way of getting out because she hasn't been trained." Louis shouts back. Yep definetly talking about me.

"I am not letting you train my girlfriend." Harry shouts.

"You know jolly well no one else would so it's either me or let her die in a vision." That's it I might be sick if I hear anything else. I walk in and stand in the doorway I cough to get there attention.

"So I'm your girlfriend now am I?" I glare at Harry crossing my arms. He sighs and rubs his temples

"How long have you been standing there for."

"Well I haven't been standing here for very long but I've been standing in the corridor for long enough."

"Me and Harry were just having a little disagreement weren't we mate?" Louis says smiling and swinging his arm round Harry's shoulder. I cross my arms not buying it.

"Surely it's my decision." I say walking over to the fridge and grabbing some eggs to cook for breakfast. Louis says yes at the same time Harry says absolutely not.

"You don't know enough to make your own decisions yet." Harry says getting a frying pan out.

"She's 18 Harry for god sake. She can look after herself. Your only a few months older so what do you know?"

"Hello, I'm still in the room you know." I say waving.

"Fine Louis can train you on how to get out the visions but if you try anything  and I mean it if you touch her without mine or her permission, anything like that I will not hesitate to get rid of you." Harry says pointing at Louis. He puts both hands up and leans against the counter.

"Hey chill dude. I get it she's your wife but we can still have a bit of fun." Louis says winking at me.

"I'd prefer friend rather than wife. I'm not even sure if were friends to be honest. It depends how nice Harry is over the next week" I say sitting down on a stool.

"Whatever you say love." Louis says winking at me and then walking out the room.

"It's the fairy in him that makes him such a big dick." Harry says running his hand through his hair. He only does that when he's annoyed or stressed.

"Your stressed." I point out. He glares at me and returns to the cooking. Well, this morning went well.

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