High kingdoms

"Look you don't like me and I don't like you. Now we can just be civil for tonight and then have nothing to do with each other."
"I don't think thats going to happen hun. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." He says.
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5. Chapter 4

To say I'm fuming is probably an understatement there are no words to describe how I feel at the moment. The only thing I know it's that I hate Harry Styles. With a passion.

I pound my feet down the gold carpeted corridor heading towards my parents quarters. I hope I disturb everyone from their jobs. I finally reach the door to my parents sitting room. I don't bother to knock, my feet just walk my body right in. All heads turn in my direction. I then realise that Harry's parents are sitting in there as well as my parents. They weren't supposed to be in her this is going to make it a lot harder. The room instantly goes quite and I know immediately that they were talking about me.

"Cecilia what can we do for you?" My mum asks paying the space next to her. I stay standing.

"It's about Harry." I say

"Yes we have decided your going get married next month. I know it's soon but you seem to be getting on well." My dad says alarm bells start going off in my head. I have to stop this.

"Well there is a small problem about the said wedding."

"Yes there is isn't there C." God why does he have to be her. I feel his arm wrap round my waist as he pulls me into him. I grit my teeth.

"Well what is it Harold?" His mum asks. No why ask him not me. Oh that's right because I am female and considered less important than him.

"It's so far away next month isn't it Cecilia." He says pinching the skin above my hip. I want to scream out in pain but I know if I did I would be a dead woman. I just nod as if I open my mouth a scream will come out.

"Well you youngsters will just have to wait." My mum says chuckling. I want to slap Harry round his face but he still has my skin squished between my fingers.

"Anyway I wanted to speak to you about Harry sacking my maid." I say. I know I am going to be in for a lot after this little talk from Harry.

"Oh I spoke to Harry about this earlier. Your property is now his as well, also your to old to still have a maid. His replacement will be a lot better for you. Now could you leave us we have final dates to plan." She says waving her hand. That's it I'm done with family. I storm out the room before Harry can chase after me, I head towards the garden he won't be able to fit me in there.

The faint smell of blossom fills my nostrils and my slippers get coated in mud as I stomp through the garden. I've chosen the more woody part. A faint rustle has followed me all the time and I'm getting tired of it.

"Liam I know your there." I say not bothering to turn around. There is a movement in a bush and out he steps. "Wait let me guess Harry sent you." I say. He nods.

"He would like you back in the castle as it's getting late for you to be outside." He says stepping even closer to me.

"Well you can tell Harold that I will come in when I want not when he tells me to." I say turning around. I expect him to walk off but before I know what's happening I'm dangling over his shoulder staring at his back. I scream and kick but he carries me all the way up to the castle and into my room. He throws me down on the floor and I land in a scrambled heap on my cream floor. "I will fucking kill you Harry Styles." I say.

"Well now I know who it is if my room is mysteriously burgled in the middle of the night." Harry says. I sit up and see him walking towards me, he was sitting on my bed. I start crawling backwards but my back hits the wall. He stops about a meter in front of me. "You don't need to be scared of me." He says putting his hand out for me to take. I grab it but he lets me fall back down as he says "yet". I growl slightly and get up my self.

"You don't own me." I say walking to my mirror and taking my hair out and brushing it through.

"No but I will in a few weeks." He says. I am suddenly pressed up against the wall and my wrists are above my head pressed into his hands. "Until then I would be very careful in what you say." He snarls in my ear. I am shaking throughout my body and I know he can see.

"Why are you in my room and why were you on my bed." I ask, he release me and throws my body into the floor.

"Your property is my property." He says winking and then walking out. The door slams shut but not before I hear him say that he hates being horrible to me. I roll over and lie with my back against the carpet. The door squeaks open and a blonde mop of hair peaks round followed by the rest of its body. I realize its Niall.

"Would you like anything?" He asks walking over to me.

"Yes some company." I say he then lies down on the carpet next to me. Niall seems like someone you could get on with very easily. "Why is Harry so mean to me?" I ask turning on my side to look at him.

"He would never treat a girl like he has to you normally but he has to for this plan to work that he keeps going on about." He says rolling over to face me. I feel like I can trust him.

"What plan?" I ask.

"I don't actually know. I'm not told anything Liam and Louis would probably know but they wouldn't tell anyone their too loyal to Harry."

"Thanks anyway. I'm scared of him you know. He is so menacing and always has more power than me." I say getting up and climbing into my king sized bed.

"He may seem that way but once you get to know him he is one of the nicest people ever." He says passing me the edge of my duvet and then walking out the room shutting the door quietly behind him. Harry Styles is one hell of a puzzle.


I am going to update this every Wednesday so stay tuned to find out what happens next! I haven't forgotten about you I promise!!!

Izzy xxx

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