High kingdoms

"Look you don't like me and I don't like you. Now we can just be civil for tonight and then have nothing to do with each other."
"I don't think thats going to happen hun. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." He says.
For everything fan fiction competition.


3. Chapter 2

As the sun started to seep through my curtains my mind still lay exhausted from all the thinking I've been doing. I have been tossing and turning all night trying to get some sleep but it just hasn't happened the only thing on my mind was Harry. I had slept for around an hour but then gave up. He is the only cloud on my clear horizon and at the moment it was getting bigger by the second and spelled the word trouble.

Giving up on sleep I got out the bed, the only way to clear my mind was a workout. I washed off the rest of last nights make up and stared at the tires person looking back at her. After standing still for a few minutes I put some running leggins on over a swimming costume and a crop top on. I walked out my room towards the gym that was down the corridor. No one ever used it apart from me so it was empty as usual. The creepy guy had moved from the spot outside my door which was good. I turned the speakers on and turned the music up to drown my thoughts.

The familiar burning sensation of running coursed through my veins. I continued running with my eyes closed enjoying the moment.

"Morning C." I hear a clear voice shout. It was Harry I kept my eyes shut hoping he would just go away. "I'm still here even when your eyes are closed." His raspy voice said, I sighed and peeled them open he was standing right infront of me. I almost lost my footing looking at his face. I closed my eyes again and continued to run. I opened my eyes to see what he was doing. He is on the machine next to me. Harry quickened his pace to match mine so I sped up. We carried on trying to beat each other until I got so exhausted I almost fell. I got off as Harry still ran at full speed dripping in sweat.

I went to the pool area and took my clothes off leaving the swimming costume I'd put on earlier. I dived in letting the cool water surround my body. I started doing lengths up and down the pool trying to focus on something else than the curly haired boy. Suddenly there was a splash as two people plunged into the pool right infront of me.

"Sorry did we interrupt?" Harry says knowing that he did interrupt my rhythm. Next to him was a boy with brown hair and green eyes. If we were in a cartoon smoke would be coming out my ears.

"This is Louis. I'm so rude not introducing you earlier." He says gesturing to the other boy. I smile.

"Your rude without trying." I say starting to swim to the edge. Strong arms wrap round me pulling me back. I kick and try to escape but he holds me tighter.

"Its no use trying to run." Harry whispers in my ear sending shivers up my spine.

"Let me go Harold." I say and stop fighting.

"Fine but at least come to breakfast with me." He says, I groan.

"Alright." He releases me and I climb out the pool.

"See you there." He shouts as I stalk off to find dry clothes and a towel. I go back to my room trying to not drip everywhere but there is a trail of water behind me. I go into my bathroom and grab a towel rubbing my hair and body dry.

I look into the mirror and stare at myself something seems so fishy about the Style's but I can't quite put my finger on it. I shake my head trying to clear my overcrowded mind. Once I'm changed and have put my hair in a messy bun that my parents hate. I open the door and find Harry leaning against the opposite wall with his hands in his pocket and his hair messy across his head. I suddenly feel very self conscious.

"You ready?" He asks walking towards me.

"Lets get this over with." I say quietly hoping he didn't hear me. He grabs my arm swinging me round and I end up falling into his chest. I try to get up but he holds me down.

"What did you say love?"

"Nothing." I squeak in a very high voice. He lets me go and I look up at him slightly puzzled. He clearly doesn't believe me so why would he let me go. I turn around and hear our parents. He pulls me back into my room and shuts the door. I open my mouth to speak but he covers my mouth with his hand.

After about 5 minutes he pulls his hand away from my mouth. "What was that for?" I ask slightly annoyed.

"We aren't supposed to be together without other people in the room." He says sitting on my bed. I forgot about that rule. I rub my collar bone where the tattoo is. Everyone has one there I don't know what its for.

"Do you know what this tattoo means?" I ask showing him the circle with a line through it.

"No idea." He says getting up and walking to the door. "Come one lets eat."

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