The Big Book of Mythological Creatures

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 8 Sep 2016
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Step into the world of mythology, fantasy and fairy tales. Professor Egan-Blackmouth, a member of The Guild of Mythology (GOM) and the Head Professor of Cryptzoology at the Unveristy of the city of Adrastia, writes down her notes on all mythological creatures she studies. She documents the obvious, and the not so obvious animals and monsters of this world. Perhaps you shall learn a lot from this book, and Professor Blackmouth does hope you enjoy it.


13. XII - Wendigoes

54th Novendon 3784, 9th Eon


The dark forests and hills of the far, far north west. But they're spreading south east... quickly. 

The average size is about five feet tall, like regular humans. 

The wendigos are something truly evil and not from this world. They feel nothing, it is said. No emotion, no sense of temperature and no thought of right and wrong. But there is one thing they feel... a sense of hunger and thirst that cannot be quenched. Constantly they strive to feast on the flesh of the living and binge on the blood of the innocent or guilty. Whilst it maybe sad that they are ceaselessly dying of thirst and endlessly starving to death, no one must pay them any mercy, for they shall receive none at all.

How the wendigos first came to be is a mystery, but stories from the local outlander tribes who fight them almost daily, say it all started with just a few explorers, discovering what the deep west was like. As I spoke to the tribesman around a piping fire, they told of how the explorers first encountered the enchanted forests, filled with woodland creatures as the norm. Soon, the woods turned on the explorers and they became horribly lost. With no way out to get home, they started to go mad. Food became scarce to them, and they started to hunger for one another. Slowly but surely, they turned on each other and feasted upon their bones and flesh. Their violent cannibalism started to turn them into hideous monsters, bent on consuming human flesh. But when there was no more to be had, they feasted on the animals till there were no more. Their bodies turned rotten, sour and resembling deer when they become one with the forests in a discording manner. Then they spread when more humans colonized the north west. Growing in numbers, they lust for more human flesh. 

Like an army of the dead, they're coming... And there will be no stopping their slaughter... But my question is, what will happen when the bestial tribes encounter the wendigoes? Will they slaughter one another, or will they band together? Horrifying thought. 

None. At all. Whether wendigoes can even be called a species by themselves astounds me...


Egan Blackmouth 
Head Professor of Mythology and Cryptozoology at the University of Adrastia 

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