The Big Book of Mythological Creatures

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 8 Sep 2016
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Step into the world of mythology, fantasy and fairy tales. Professor Egan-Blackmouth, a member of The Guild of Mythology (GOM) and the Head Professor of Cryptzoology at the Unveristy of the city of Adrastia, writes down her notes on all mythological creatures she studies. She documents the obvious, and the not so obvious animals and monsters of this world. Perhaps you shall learn a lot from this book, and Professor Blackmouth does hope you enjoy it.


12. XI - Phoenixes

Fire Phoenix

Ice Phoenix

188th Maei 3784, 9th Eon


In the southern, northern and even deeper parts of the mysterious east. Fire phoenixes found in the south east, and ice phoenixes found in the north east.

Their size is very large to normal birds of prey such as eagles, with a with a wingspan of about three meters. 

Phoenixes are another truly magical species of bird. Their abilities with fire or ice are a spectacle to behold. Believed to be gifted with this ability from the dragons long ago, phoenixes have lived on this earth for many a millennia. They are often the symbol of regeneration and healing, for as I have seen and tested, phoenix tears do cure basilisk venom. After I took a capsule of the venom, I was able to sample a pipette of phoenix tears and low and behold, the tears turned the venom into pure, crystal water. The tear took hard work to get, but all in the name of science. Part of one of the reasons it took more than a year to research these creatures.

However, their populations dwindle quickly in these recent times. The reproduction system of the phoenixes is flawed, unfortunately. Whilst they are depicted with the idea of regeneration and rebirth, as their reproduction system is when an adult dies, they decompose into ash or snow and the newborn chick awakens alone. On one hand, this means they do not have to keep searching for a mate, but on the other hand, it does mean their population cannot grow. And when living for one and a half thousand years in their life time, if they mated, they would have lots of times to lay eggs and nests. So now that they are being hunted, when already they have such small numbers and cannot replenish them, I fear their extinction is imminent. Which would indeed be suffering loss... I'd hate to see them go. They are hunted for their feathers and flame/ice sacks in their throats for once again, arcane purposes. 
But phoenixes are ruthless creatures. They will attack anything that poses a threat with all the elemental ferocity they can must. Burning their targets alive to crispy husks, or freezing them solid to nothing but ice. They may sell well on the market, but they are extremely risky to hunt. 

Suzaku - much more like a peacock than an eagle, and are found in the deep, deep east.


Egan Blackmouth 
Head Professor of Mythology and Cryptozoology at the University of Adrastia 

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