It Gets Better

When a 15 year old Jade wakes up in hospital for the fourth time in three months the doctors decide it would be best to keep her in for observation for a while, but what will she do when something unexpected happens that may change her life forever.



1. Chapter 1 (:

Beep, beep, beep. That's all I could hear. What was it? It was constant. It wouldn't stop going at a single speed, never changing. I tried to see where it was coming from. That's when realised I couldn't see, everything was black. What was going on? Where was I? I tried to move. Nothing. I tried to speak. Again nothing, but the slight quiver of my lip. Was I dead? Slowly a light started to appear, Growing bigger with each second. Tried to go towards it, suddenly remembering that I couldn't move; or so I thought. As I tried my hardest to accomplish something I could feel my fingers twitching. The beeping started to speed up and I was gaining my senses back. Sadly, I wasn't dead. A voice, I was slowly,but surely making out a voice. It was a voice I knew, but I couldn't tell who it was. The light grew bigger the longer I stared at it. The blinding white light then burned my eyes as it suddenly engulfed me. My eyes started to adjust to the light, that's when the realisation hit me. Hospital. I was in hospital.

Now that I knew where I was I questioned if I really did want to wake up. Maybe if I lay still for long enough they'd think I was dead and leave me be. It was too late they knew I wasn't dead, they knew I was awake. I stared at the off-white ceiling taking it all in.

'Jade, Jade I know your awake'

The voice, I knew that voice. Who was it?

'Jade don't worry it's only me, it's Ally. I'm your nurse'

Of course, Ally my brothers old friend from before he left. I sat up looking around to find my glasses next to me as she continued to speak.

'I'm sure you know why your here so I'm not going to go through all that, but I do have some news; and it's not the best.' I could hear the concern in her voice. She looked me straight in the eye making me want to look away, but I was mesmerised by her deep blue eyes.

'Oh crap, what now?' I questioned Ally not sure if I really wanted the answer.

'Jade this is your fourth time back here in three months. The doctors are concerned-' I snickered. Doctors concerned about me, that's a change.

'Jade this is serious. You're going to have to stay here.' She looked at her feet as I just stared at her.

'Wait, what, I have to stay here! For how long?' The urgency showing in my voice.

'Not that long, about a week that's all.' Ally responded trying to make the situation seem better. My breathing started to speed up, losing its coordination with my heart beat. Not now. No I could not be having an anxiety attack right now. Ally quickly rushed to my side placing an oxygen mask over my mouth and nose. As soon as it had started it had stopped again. Everything was back to normal. Ally stared at me wide eyed and with flustered red cheeks.

'Jade, are you alright?' Ally seemed genuinely worried. I slipped the mask off my face.

'It's fine. I'm fine. I promise.' Something buzzed in Ally's pocket grabbing her attention.

'New patient.' She explained to me as she turned to head out the door.

'Okay, umm.. Ally will I see you again tonight?' Ally is the only one I can trust in this place.

'No, but if you want I can bring you some fresh clothes for tomorrow so that you can get out of those old hospital rags.' She gestured to my hideous outfit.

'Thanks, don't know what I'd do without you.' She blew me a kiss and headed out. It was already pretty late so I lay back in my bed. I had been out cold for almost a whole day according to Ally, but somehow I was still exhausted. I accidentally slowly drifted off back into a deep sleep.



Sorry it's kinda short.

You can be super cool and comment whether or not you like this chapter.

I think that's it.

Big hugs xx

Caitlin :)

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