I'm a naive wanted runaway seventeen year old girl from home and "Hes a criminal a murder wanted that has escaped from a prison bus " He is dangerous,careless and a reckless man, someone you cannot place you're trust in. we had a dangerous encounter it was not fate to meet the way we did, but we had and now i find myself stuck to his side like glue even if he is a murder "I can't let got" If you had asked me back then what i felt about him i would have answered " I don't and i don't care" But now i have a different answer...


1. Runaway's

     why are they always blaming me for what reason? I’ve done nothing wrong I’m always being accused of something. I hate it here this house isn’t my home it’s all fake wrong I don’t belong here I belong only to mother. “You!” Someone screams in a gall behavior. I turn back to look and its Madako standing arms crossed in the hallway awaiting for some kind of answer. “Y-Yes?”  I ask. I hunch my back and fidget with my fingers she can be scary. She walks towards me I stare down at her five inch diamond heels as she comes closer I don’t really want to look her in her green snake eyes she’d just look at me with spite.

“Are you really that naïve Ayu?” She asks me. She flips her hip to her side and once again crosses her arms.

    “H-huh?” My back is still hunched and my head is straight but my eyes are still pointed in the direction of stilettoes.

She lifts a flawless brow.” Are you playing dumb? We know it was you stupid girl” Her eyebrows scowl. “You stole mother’s money for her diamond ring obviously” Her tone changes to a much deeper lower and scarier voice.

        I just stand taken aback by her sudden words and without thinking I scream back at her “I didn’t steal anything idiot! I would never and for what reason would I need to steal her money?!”Her expression changes to hate pure hate she lifts a hand in the air and it comes at me like a sudden lighting strike and I go down fast. I can feel the sting and swelling on my right cheek. I place my hand on my burning red cheek and a tear sneaks from my eye and slowly dribbles down my cheek. She smirks. “You see Ayu?” She asks with a scary yet graceful tone. “The floor suits you quite well, if you needed money you could have asked us no need in stealing we would have gave you what you needed no matter how much because we are family” Family? Would family accuse you of stealing too? Hit you without explanation; frame you would family do that? Mother would never had done this she’d ask my side of the story first before anything she’d listen to me trust me because she was my one and only true family. I’m still pathetically sitting on the floor not moving because this is wrong why am I here why am I being accused? Why did father have to marry someone who only cares for money and looks? Why choose her over your own daughter?

    A door opens and shuts from downstairs. Father is home with the soon to be “mother” Madako is her daughter they both have the same personality and they both already don’t like me. “Ayu!” I can hear that woman call my name loud and clear. “Come here right this minute!” She’s angry and she probably already knows about the money but I didn’t steal it and she’s not going to believe me. I snap back to reality then stand up slowly and run down the two story stair case fast. I face the women who is standing by the front door with father I study her face and she’s just as Madako that same sly expression this isn’t going to end well.

   “I’m sure you already know what this is about am I right?” Her green eyes are as cold as her voice.

“Y-Yes” I say. I walk three more steps down I look over my shoulder Madako is standing on the stairs. I stand before “mother “my head is pinned down and so are my eyes to the white tile floor. I can’t bring myself to stare into those cruel eyes again.

   “Ah you do? Did Madako tell you already?” She asks. I don’t respond. “Look here!“ She raises her voice and glares. She chuckles.” Are you ignoring me right now!?”

       I lift my head up and I meet her green daggering eyes. I stare at her disdainfully. She walks closer towards me. I look at my father who is completely still and silent wondering when he will ever stand up for me but he won’t. “What a pathetic man” I think to myself. I look back at the step “mother” and before I can protest or block, her hand comes at me hard my neck twists a little along with the impact stinging my swollen right cheek once again. She hit me the very same way Madako had. Like mother like daughter they are both graceful devils in disguise. I stand there for a minute not moving my head a lock of my snow blonde hair covers my eye. I look back at my father who still hasn’t moved a muscle. I’ve had enough I don’t deserve this I don’t need this and I certainly don’t want this. Finally I move and place my hand on my burning swollen cheek again it hurts.

“Let’s stop honey” Father says. He passes “mother” and draws closer towards me to me.

  She seizes his arm firmly and glares at him. “Stop? Why should we stop we have a little thief living in the house who knows what else will go missing next!?” He brushes her hand of his  arm and places a hand on my face “Are you okay Ayu?”

 “Is she okay she’s more than enough okay she’s just stolen my diamond ring money! “Her contumelious behavior is making my blood boil now. I look back at my father with worry and innocence in my hazel eyes.

    “Honey she probably had no choice maybe she needed to pay off a debt or maybe she wanted to buy something nice let her off this once huh?” He rubs my cheek to try and sooth the burn but it won’t work.

       Everything is now in slow motion for me. “Fine I’ll let her off this time but if- “You think I stole money?” I cut her off. I simper and slap father’s hand of my stinging cheek. “I’m done with all this, this pathetic life I’m living even if I am wealthy I don’t want it!” Everybody looks back at me taken aback. It’s understandable nobody’s ever heard my true feeling before. “Father you actually believe that snake of a women than your own daughter? I’ve know you far longer than she has so why?!”  Father try’s to speak and I don’t let him I have to say it all at once if not I’ll never muster up the courage again. “Open up your eyes idiot! She doesn’t love you she loves you’re money you’re Head Company! Mother loved you she truly did and if you couldn’t see that before than what kind of man are you?!” I’ve become hysterical now and there’s no turning back. “I hate you! I hate everyone here! Thief who? Because it’s not me I wouldn’t have one reason to steel from this house! If I truly am you’re so called thief than I’ll leave!” I’m crying uncontrollably and I run up the steel oak stairs passed Madako and back up to my room. I open then slam the door behind me I walk into my closet and I gather all the clothes I can then stuff them in my medium sized white bag.

       I’m leaving I’m ready to and if they are going to try and stop me I’ll put up a fight. I can’t go back down the stairs then they will think I’m bluffing or they will really try and stop me probably lock me up because this would look bad on our family’s image but I don’t care. I’ll have to take the three story window balcony down. They probably think I’m emotionally upset and I’ll calm down after a nap. Nope not even I yank my covers of my queen sized bed and then I tug on the white sheets below. One end to the other I tie well. I tie the end to my sturdy window balcony and lower the rest down. I seize my cellphone from my night stand and a couple of dollars for my taxi fee and some food. I didn’t steel this money either I got it from working hard for part time. I lower myself down the balcony slowly and on to the sheet. I’ve seen this work in movies so I’m sure it will work a little maybe. It’s sunny but still windy and scary if I fall now I’ll be injured severely I’ve got to keep caution on my side. I slowly climb down I pick up my paste a little faster “The sooner the better” I remind myself. The sheet twits around almost causing me to fall I scream a little. I glance behind me and above me to make sure that no one heard me I’m already under the second story.

     I clench to the sheet tighter then I take a deep breath and exhale and start the process again. Finally I’m on the ground safe I glance over at the front I see the steel gate cracked  open I don’t wait a second and I run for it fast before anyone can realize it I’m gone. I know running away is stupid you’re probably thinking I haven’t thought his through right? But I have I’ve lived here for a while now two years to be exact. My father and my step mother have just decided now to get married I’ve been against their marriage for two years too. When my real mother died father didn’t even shed a tear and I’ve always wondered “Did he ever love his wife?” I don’t know honestly. Leaving that house is dangerous I know. I’m only a seventeen and wondering the streets where will I stay? How will I now live? I’ve also got to think about a job I’m no longer in school the step mother took me out last year so now I’m stupid really. Helpless to put it frankly but it’s better than sleeping in that house full of lies I’d rather sleep on the streets than there.

  “Hello miss we are selling bags would you like to buy one?” A sales lady comes up to me holding in the air an Aquarius bag.

   “No thank you” I politely decline. I see the bus stop and I scramble my way over away from the sales people.

      I sit on the brown waiting bench waiting for the bus to arrive I don’t need a pass I had bought one last week when I was going to go and see a movie. I switch my touch screen on to check the time it’s 1:30 still pretty early in the afternoon. I’m more worried when the sun goes down and when it’s dark time it’s a lot more dangerous then, with crazy drunks driving around or smugglers. I could go back but I won’t I can’t not now I’m on my own I know. I’m stupid thanks to that step mother and I’m a runaway. I catch a brief view of a bus arriving in my direction this is the city bus. It stops the doors slide open I grab my pass from my bag and check in. It’s not as crowded as I thought it would be. I hold on to the top bar and walk over to a seat I sit on the left side of the bus on a worn out red seat. My phone vibrates I grab it from my bag. It’s just a notification from the local news I have the app so I receive updates I turn my phone over and I ignore its vibrations.

 “Did you hear what was on the news today?” The lady whispers to her friend she’s standing up holding on to the bar she’s not far from me so it’s not hard to hear.

“No” the other woman reply’s. “Is it serious? She asks. The lady pulls out her phone and shares an ear phone.

      I’m curious now what’s so important on the news? I turn my phone over I touch the notification and a video pops up. I tap my finger on play the video is buffering; I pull out my ear phones plug them in and stuff them in my ears. The video plays and starts out with a young a reporter a man in his twenties or so. He points at wreck, a bus tipped over on a high way and some cars crashed into another. I turn the volume up some more my eyes are focused on the screen now. He says “The prison bus crashed into a car causing that car to crash into another the bus had flipped over a smaller car and did three spins before it stopped five prisoners are dead three officers are injured and two deadly prisoners have escaped during the havoc one in his twenties and another middle aged” My eyes fill with disbelief all this happened not too long ago this was going on when I was arguing with my step mother. How can so much damage happen in such small time? “Be sure to please call this number below if you see any signs of these prisoners one is a murderer suspect 6 and the other is a scandal suspect 7 these are dangerous people please do not go out alone at night if you are in the area Tokyo odaiba” My eyes widen. I live in odaiba! Those criminals escaped on that highway!? I knew it looked familiar oh what am I going to do? Today definitely wasn’t the right day to run away.






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