I'm a naive wanted runaway seventeen year old girl from home and "Hes a criminal a murder wanted that has escaped from a prison bus " He is dangerous,careless and a reckless man, someone you cannot place you're trust in. we had a dangerous encounter it was not fate to meet the way we did, but we had and now i find myself stuck to his side like glue even if he is a murder "I can't let got" If you had asked me back then what i felt about him i would have answered " I don't and i don't care" But now i have a different answer...


3. I am wanted?!

       I regain my consciousness still unfocussed. I place my hand on my forehead. I feel a soft like pillow on my small wound. There is a bandage placed on my wound. I sit up weakly looking up front.

 “You’re awake?” He asks.

“E-eh?” I glance up I can see his wolf brown eyes looking down at me through the rearview mirror.

“Yeah I’m okay” No I’m not okay I’m in a car with a stranger and what worse he is one the murder or scandal suspects!

       Did this guy bandage me up or something? Even the cuts on my arm are clean it looks like he used a type of medicine I can’t make it out though I’m no were near as smart too. I hear something roaring and thunderous up front I jolt. Did this guy decide to bring a tiger along? I mean I’m not exaggerating this is a tigers thunderous growl. I examine the car closely looking for some sign of a crazy wild animal you never know what to expect with this guy who’s just Stoll a taxi with a passenger inside out running the law and flipping over another car and almost wrecking I mean I got to keep my caution am I wrong? I hear the thunderous growl again it’s even louder this time it’s coming from the passenger’s side I tilt my head over to the side a little and I catch a glimpse of a plump middle aged man sprawled in the seat sleeping. That’s what that loud and thunderous sound was? I could have sworn it was a wild animal or something not a human. I pop my head out and I look again. Guess so. “Ah! Gendo shut up already!” He shouts. He kicks his seat. “You’ve been snoring for hours” “Gendo?” I ask. Hours… Just how long have I been sleeping? His eyes meet my warm hazels again.

 “Yeah that lazy piece of rock is Gendo” He says.

 “And you?” I ask. So he picked up somebody? Judging by the way he says his name it sounds like they’ve know each other for a while.

   “Ikuto no last name. He says. “And you?” He asks.

“Ayu I won’t say my last name either” I say.

      We both just said our first names aloud we aren’t even close to do so but I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m still a little anxious around this guy I mean is it my fault? Ikuto just stole a car ran on a high speed chase from the police then crashed but landed perfectly fine (Well kind of) He’s not normal that I can tell. It’s silent in the car. I fidget with my fingers. I want to break this awkward silence somehow. “S-so where are you headed Ikuto?” I skittishly ask. So much for “Breaking the awkwardness” I just asked a runaway prisoner were they were going I don’t even know if the guy intends to keep me alive. Well he hasn’t killed me yet and he did treat my wounds maybe he’s not as bad as I’m labeling him maybe.

“Odaiba Hilton hotel” He says.

“A-ah is that S-so? Well that’s great! Then you can just drop me off there my family’s in that same hotel” I nervously chuckle. “It’s funny how F-fate works out H-huh?”

    He’s silent. He reaches for a white touch screen in the console. He’s looking something up. He clicks a link Shows me the phone I grab the phone from his strong grip. I focus my eyes on the screen. “AH!” My eyes widen. “That’s me that’s my picture!” I yell. I turn the volume up. “Right now there are three people wanted.” Two prisoner suspects both male one in early twenties and another a middle aged man also be on the lookout for a seventeen year old runaway female” I gawk at the phone. I’m wanted?! It’s only been half a day and I’m seriously wanted! So much for living on my own if I can’t make through half a day how will I make it a day alone? I look up at the rearview mirror Ikuto’s eyes are still placed on me.

“Are they really at the hotel?” He asks as if he already knows it’s a lie.

    “W-well no” I say. No point in lying now is there? The cat’s out of the bag I cannot cover this up with another lie.

He scoffs at me. “A runaway teenager huh so where are you going to go?”

“It doesn’t matter! Anywhere but that house again!” I snap back.

 “Hmm not much of a good girl is you?” He asks.

     “Shut up it’s not my fault!” I puff my cheeks and turn my head to the side.

“Okay why don’t you just tag along with us then? We don’t bite we are two runaway prisoners but there’s a story behind that so we are still innocent”

  “E-eh? Tag along?” I ask.

      Tag along with two runaway prisoners? Would that even work how can I trust them enough? Where would I go with these felons? This is a bad idea a very bad idea but what other choice do I have? I can’t just sleep on the streets they have a car well a stolen car but it’s still better than just your own two feet. If I refuse this offer I could be accepting my death but who knows if I accept this offer I could still be accepting my death if I’ve learned at least one thing today in all this havoc it’s life is full of choices and decision’s. What if the police catch these guys and me? They would end up in prison and I’d end up back in my own prison that house. Can you really run away from the police forever? Maybe I don’t know. I’ll accept the offer like I said what other choice do I have?

   “Is that fine?” I ask Ikuto. “To tag along…”

“Yeah just follow the rules and you’ll be fine we can keep you safe and fed” He says.

“Follow the rules what rules?” I ask. He’s silent.

       Guess one of the rules is don’t ask too many questions. Now that I think about it we haven’t really seen each other’s faces only our eyes have met. I know he has a dark tan but I’m kind of curious. I lean over my seat I try to peep on the side of Ikuto’s seat but it’s no good I can’t see his face. I try looking out at the convex mirror but it’s also no good I still can’t see his face. I raise myself up a little all I can see is his dark brown messy hair. Ugh I’m so curious right now it’s killing me! And I’m definitely not going to ask to see his face either. I slant back in my seat and let out a sigh. I seriously give up on sneaking a look.

      The car pulls up a rundown parking lot. I glance out my window wondering why we stopped. I see nothing but rubbish on the concrete then I catch a glimpse of a captivating colorful building. I gawk in disbelief. I see a sign not too far from our little taxi. It says “Hilton hotel” We are already here? This is the hotel he said he was going to. This place is so far out from where I live. Again how long was I asleep?!

  “Stay in the car” Ikuto says to me demanding. He whacks Gendo on his shiny half bold Head and Gendo groans “Gendo wake up you lazy rock we are here” I can see Ikuto’s profile his nose is tan long and sharp I can also see his light plump but thin lips. His eyes remind me of a hungry wolfs stare.

“I don’t want to wake me up in five more hours…” Gendo says still in a doze. Ikuto bites his lip with a frown and scowls his eyebrows at Gendo.

 “Gendo!” He hollers like he’s lost his patience. Ikuto smacks him on the cheek hard this time I hear it and it’s loud. My eyes widen.

“I’m up!” Gendo screams. He looks at Ikuto vexed then he turns his glance at me. I jolt. “Oh you’re awake little one how are you’re wounds have they healed yet? He asks me.

 I nod. “Y-yeah” He’s kind of nice.  “Are you the one who bandaged my wounds?” He smiles and nods back to me.

 “He’s a doctor type person he was going to go to med school and graduate but he suddenly got framed by the same guy for a scandal he didn’t commit” Ikuto explains. “Well enough talk stay in the car and we will be back lock the doors” He and Gendo both exit the vehicle and I do as I’m told I lock all the doors.

      Stay in the car and lock all the doors? He speaks to me like I’m a child. I don’t like that yes I am technically still a kid but still I hate being treated like one! Well this isn’t at all what I thought my day would turn out like today. Especially being locked up in a hot taxi it’s evening but it’s still so hot! So silent in here being all alone too I want to at least role my window down I need at least a bit of air besides he said nothing about the windows I lean over my seat and towards the console to see if the keys are still in the ignition but they aren’t Ikuto probably took the keys with him. I flop back to my seat. I hear my long and loud sigh. Would it be okay to crack the door then just a little? He did say “stay in the car” too and technically I am staying in the car. I unlock my door only. I reach for the handle and I crack my door open just a little. Yes I know I completely ignored his demand but it is hot in here and the evening gale feels kind of nice. I wonder why they are here anyways Ikuto said something about being innocent do they plan on trying to look for the guy who’s framed them? Could that guy be here? I kind of wouldn’t doubt it. I’ve only known Ikuto for a couple of hours and I feel like I know him kind of well enough.

     It’s been Eighteen minutes now. Ugh where are they? Are they dawdling around? I’m tired of this silence and boredom it’s starting to get late too. I’m a teenager of course I’m going to complain I hate just sitting around. My phone vibrates I have a notification it’s nothing important just a game quest thing. I yawn. My phone suddenly slips from my hand and into the floor. Should I take a nap? I’m kind of tired. Today’s been long and short for me anyways but I’m just going to risk sleep now even if they are two criminals I don’t care they haven’t done anything to harm me so I should relax and rest. Before I can lay my head down on the soft leather back seat peacefully I hear an ear-splitting sound. The sound of an explosion my eyes widen. I look out the window and the whole enchanting hotel I’s practically in flames. People are screaming evacuating the exits quickly. The front and the back of the hotel people are moving rapidly out the doors there’s got to be at least a thousand people all running striving to get away from the flames as soon as possible. I quickly unlock the car door. Should I leave the car? Or should I stay I don’t know it’s hard to think with this entire noise yes I hate silence but this screaming is just too much for my ears. I have to look for Ikuto and Gendo they were inside too are they hurt?! If they are who will drive? I open the door and I stick a foot out but as I do I hear someone yell out “Are you an idiot? I said stay in the car!” It’s Ikuto and Gendo running towards the car. I jolt and stick my foot back in swiftly.

       Ikuto and Gendo both open the doors in sync and jump in the car fast. The car reverses as it does I fly back into my seat. The takes off down the parking lot we run over a cardboard box than the car does a quick bounce as we also run over a curb I can hear sirens approach the police are coming up the road and I panic.

  “What were you guys doing?!” I ask demanding an answer. As if they’d give me an answer seriously so far these guys have been nothing but reckless throughout the day.


   “Hello princess ready to go to Shibuya city?” Gendo says. He looks back at me and gives off a huge beaming smile.

“S-shibuya city?!” My eyes widen and I clench tight to my seat belt. “No way shibuya city the most popular city in japan?!”

 “That’s right” Gendo says smiling again.

“B-but that’s so far out!” I protest.

   “It doesn’t matter the guy we are looking for knows we are looking for him now so he decided to run to shibuya city” Ikuto coldly says.

      I fasten my mouth shut. Ikuto sounds irritated and cold probably because the guy up and ran off from framing them, he must know what’s coming. When Ikuto and Gendo do happen to find him what do they plan to do? Take revenge? Frame him for something he didn’t do too? I don’t know and honestly I don’t want to find out I’m not getting attached to two people I’ve only just met I’m only using them for the money and car well it’s a taxi but still it’s better than nothing right? I no longer hear police sirens anymore so I think we lost them I think for now any way’s there’s really no telling how long we will be running since we are all wanted now. Something rustles up front in what sounds like a bag I pop my head over to see. Ikuto throws something at my face.

  “OW!” I shout. I observe what was thrown in my face it was a plain white frilly dress with black leggings that had patterns. Not really my style.

“Put those on” He coolly says still driving.

“Why?” I raise a brow.

“Just put it on them on already, they know what you’re wearing” Ikuto lifts up a brown bag I turn my glance at it. “I’m changing and so is Gendo we’ve got no other choice”

  “Where did these come from? I gasp. “Did you guys steal theses!?”I won’t wear stolen clothes. That’s just wrong and I’m definitely not changing in the back seat.

     Ikuto looks stiff now. I bet he’s regretting taking a teenager along his trip I wouldn’t blame him but still I will not wear something that has been stolen I’ve been raised to do better. As I said before I do not steal. “They weren’t really stolen “Gendo protests. “Look at it this way everything that man has or sells is illegal” Illegal how so?  The man who framed them Odaiba Hilton hotel is his? He owns… Owned that famous five star hotel?! So they blew up the hotel because they have a grudge against that man? “It doesn’t matter I’ll make a stop so we can all change our clothes It’s getting late out so we will have to find a hotel to stay the night at” Ikuto says. Sounds good I’m very tired trying to sleep in this car will not work you don't really know what to expect with these two driving crazily. 

























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