I'm a naive wanted runaway seventeen year old girl from home and "Hes a criminal a murder wanted that has escaped from a prison bus " He is dangerous,careless and a reckless man, someone you cannot place you're trust in. we had a dangerous encounter it was not fate to meet the way we did, but we had and now i find myself stuck to his side like glue even if he is a murder "I can't let got" If you had asked me back then what i felt about him i would have answered " I don't and i don't care" But now i have a different answer...


2. Deep and dangerous impact!

      The bus comes to a stop and I get off at the bus stop I can’t go any further I don’t have the money for another pass I need to be wise on the streets. I walk a block down the street people peer at me funny they probably can’t get over my height yes for a seventeen year old I’m really short. A taxi passes by I hold my hand out as they do in the movies but it doesn’t stop I unfortunately didn’t catch that one. I’ll hold my hand out more and higher so maybe they can see me better. I stick out my hand higher and I wave harder one taxi passes me by then another and another.

  “Ugh! Why is it so hard to catch a taxi!?” I holler aloud. Even more people peer down at me. I can’t help that scream I’m frustrated now. Although I am a runaway so it’s best I keep quiet.

    I slump to the ground for a brief second then I stand back up realizing maybe I should holler “taxi” I’m not so smart in life or studies but I’ve watched movies on this kind of stuff or similar to it anyways. I hold out my hand and I yell taxi the yellow car stops immediately and I stand in disbelief for a second “It worked it actually worked!” I say happily to myself. The old taxi driver snaps his fingers out the window signaling me to get in. I run over to his window and I bow “Thank you for stopping Mr. Taxi sir!” The driver rolls his eyes he pops the little trunk open. He opens the driver’s door gets out grabs my bag and walks to the back of the taxi. He tries to find a place for the bag but it’s no use his trunk is filled to brimful. I open the back side door and I wait inside the taxi. I don’t want to be a bother any more than what I am I can already tell he doesn’t like his job too well. I feel the car bounce hard my phone falls to the floor. He’s trying to force my bag through now. I arch down to retrieve my phone but it’s fallen under my seat and now it’s going to be difficult to grab it. I step down from the seat and into the floorboard. I can see my phone I extend my arm under the seat but it’s no use my arms not long enough so bend down and I propel my whole shoulder under the seat it kind of hurts. “HEY STOP RIGHT THERE!” someone screams. I pause what I’m doing. “It sounds like a man’s voice” I say. I just remembered my phone is still under the seat so I go back to reaching. “THIS IS THE POLICE DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER!” They shout out again. “The police” I whisper. I feel sweat trickle from my forehead. I don’t look up or glance out the window if the police are involved I don’t want to be seen either.

    I hear the taxi door open. The car bounces then the door slams shuts. The taxi driver must have found a place for my bag already but I didn’t hear the trunk shut I’m in the back seat you’d think I’d be able to hear it. I can hear and feel the car engine start. Does he plan on driving with me in the floor or something? I know he knows I’m not in the seat yet. Guess I’ll have to wait to get my phone that sucks because I almost had it to. I hoist myself up back to my seat. I glance out the back window to see if the cops are still out. They are not but the car trunks still open. Why on earth did he leave it open should I tell him? Maybe he already knows the car hasn’t moved yet anyway. I sit up all the way in the seat I turn my glance outside the window. It’s the police officer I duck down a little. The taxi drivers there too! Wasn’t he just in the car? Why is he suddenly talking to the officer and why’s the car engine still on?! He didn’t get out again I would have heard it. I lean over a little on my seat turn my head swiftly to the driver’s side and catch a glimpse of someone else is in the seat. My eyes widen. The car suddenly reverses fast and I fly into the back seat hard I let out a screech. Surely enough this lunatic knows I’m in the car also obviously I mean how wouldn’t he notice? The police holler” STOP HIM! CATCH HIM NOW!” They run after the car but The driver shifts the car in drive swiftly and the car takes of rapidly down the street. I   screech louder I’m clutching to the seat for dear life I can’t possibly fasten my seat belt now. This man is crazy he’ll kill us both! He’s driving too fast with too many cars on the road!”

   I lift my hand in the air and I swiftly slap his head hard. I know I probably should’ve had done that but I’m kind of mad at this guy technically he stole my taxi and I just know he will end up killing the both of us.” What gives you the right to steel my taxi do you know how hard I tried to get one to stop for me?!”

      He’s silent. He pushes me back to the seat hard and I yelp. Maybe I’d be best if I fastened my seat belt now. I do. He drives faster it’s like this guy doesn’t even know what a break is it’s just supersonic speed. We come up on a high way bridge and we are all over the road I can hear honking screaming people and sirens approach soon after. I look back and it’s the cops again they are supersonic speed also. I wave a hand out the back spacious window as I do the car curves over causing me to hit my head on the hard glass window. “Are you seriously trying to kill me?!” I scream at him. He’s still silent. I fix my eyes on his clothes closely and he’s in an orange jump suit? Why on earth would he wear that on such a hot and sunny day? Then I suddenly remember the news the bus wreck the cops and the two prisoners. My eyes widen even bigger in complete shock. This man must be one of the runaway prisoners!

  “Who are you?” I ask. He’s still silent he won’t speak. “Are you on of the runaway prisoner’s?” I ask I barely croak this time.

“Yeah” He finally says in a very low tone like he’s irritated.

  “Why are you doing this? Wouldn’t this be a lot easier to turn yourself in?” I ask. We are still rapidly speeding.

“Why should I? He pauses what crime did I commit?

       What crime did he commit? Isn’t stealing a car with a hostage a crime? But wait they were shouting out and chasseing this guy before that. One of the police car’s catches up to our rapid speed both cars are now speeding in sync. The police officer holler’s “PULL OVER NOW!” But he doesn’t instead we switch lanes fast were an upcoming semi passes in the nick of time. Now the cops are stuck behind a slow driving semi. One of the police cars on the right honks at the semi and drives out of the lane and tries to close in on us. The other police car on the right mimics the same thing but it doesn’t work it can’t not with the semi driving in the way. The car on the right slows its pace down but the car on the right is still in sync.

        We pick up our pace a little. The police car does the same. We won’t be able to lose this police officer there are too many cars in the way. The car starts to speed once again. This guy! He’s going to supersonic speed again if he does we will end up crashing! Before I can protest he slams his foot down on the pedal and we take off fast. The officer can’t do the same he’d run right into the semi. So instead he switches lanes and comes up on us. I clutch to the driver’s seat tighter. We are going to crash this speed is too much. I can see a gray car start to approach. The car’s driving the wrong way as if the driver is drunk he’s all over the road speeding. People are honking and striving to avoid it. The car speed’s past a van then a semi and comes closer toward us. We are going to run right into it we are speeding and they are speeding we are going to both wreck.

    “Hold on to something tight” He says to me.

“Eh? O-okay”

     I hold onto the top of the cars roof handle I shut my eye’s tight and I brace myself for whatever’s to come because I know with this guy something’s bound to happen. “HOLD ON NOW!” He screams. I do. He turns the weal all the way to the left And before I know it the car spins I can hear the screeching tiers as I scream suddenly and the car instantly tips over the drunks car slamming into the other cars roof almost crushing it. I can feel the shards of glass pierce into my fragile skins arm. I’m being thrown all over the place but I’m still clutching to the handle tight. The spins in the air then slams back down to the ground. I hit my head against the window the impacts hard and I can feel blood dibble down my forehead slowly. I look to see the windows shattered and the glass covering my legs the seat and the floorboard. I turn my glance at the driver. His arms bleeding but he’s still alive same as me. The police cars have crashed also.

  “Are you okay?” I ask.

“Yeah” He says.

      He starts the car again and this time we drive away slowly. I look out the window staring out at the catastrophe. How could we have caused all this damage? My arm hurts and my head everything’s fuzzy… And now everything's blank.



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