I'm a naive wanted runaway seventeen year old girl from home and "Hes a criminal a murder wanted that has escaped from a prison bus " He is dangerous,careless and a reckless man, someone you cannot place you're trust in. we had a dangerous encounter it was not fate to meet the way we did, but we had and now i find myself stuck to his side like glue even if he is a murder "I can't let got" If you had asked me back then what i felt about him i would have answered " I don't and i don't care" But now i have a different answer...


4. Chapter $ Caught already?!

      Its Nine Am the alarm clock in the room rings out. I reach over to turn the alarm off. As I do I suddenly hit something with my elbow? I look over at the right side of the bed where I hit my elbow. There is something under the sheet… Should I check under the sheet or sneak out? Wait sneak out sounds bad like I just… Never mind. I swallow my breath nervously. I scarcely grab the white wrinkled sheet then I lift it up in the air my eyes are closed shut tightly. I hardly open an eye but then the sudden image I’m seeing my eyes widen my eyebrows arch and I let out a scream involuntarily.

   “Shush!” Ikuto covers my mouth.


    “Wait why you are in here Ayu?” He asks me. He uncovers my mouth.

“Eh? That’s what I would like to know

     Ikuto what are you doing in my rented room? And in my bed!?”

“You’re bed?” His face looks troubled now.

   We both stare at each other puzzled in an awkward silence we still sit on the bed not able to move. The door creaks open. Without thinking twice I push Ikuto to the floor hard. The door is fully opened now and I see Gendo enter.

   “Oh you’re awake? I was going to just leave you some breakfast” He waves a sack full of rise balls around tenderly.

       “T-Thanks Gendo just pu-“Ikuto cuts my words off.

“Ouch! What was that for you brat?!”  Ikuto lifts his self-up onto the bed where I still am. He’s shirtless but not pants less    Thank god.

    “What do you mean? You know exactly what that was for!” I protest.

      “I see we obviously had too much to drink sonny boy” Gendo says then chuckles.

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