Ayu is a seventeen year old girl. The only sweet and responsible one in the Izumi family. She's the only biological daughter to her father so when he decided to re-marry she accumulated four evil older step siblings who blamed her for being there and would do anything to rid her of their presence. She did the only thing she had left to do runaway. She just so happens to meet a very strange person during a dangerous ride in a taxi cab a young scary looking man named Ikuto with a very sketchy appearance. Ayu decided she's not going back home back to being degraded so she follows a stranger a person who is very perilous and who she knows nothing about but mysteries can sometimes also lead to ecstasy. During her runaway with Ikuto she thought nothing of the law chasing her down everywhere or were they really... just chasing him? "He is a stranger... He is dangerous,careless and a reckless man, someone you cannot place you're trust in but even so..."


3. Chapter 2 Not going back

     Everything happened too fast for me to grasp. I first heard the semis horn blow and then the passing cars. The semi fell to the ground spinning out of control almost nearly crashing into us. My heart leaped out of place. Our car had cut past two other cars that had honked at us. We made it to the other side of the road dodging the semi in an unscathed escape. The few cars that had been behind us including one of the police cars had crashed right smack face into each other when the semi had curved around them. The wreck stopped most of the pursuing cars making it an easy get away for us. It had been a huge mess back behind us but we didn’t stop driving forward our speed increased.

   The car pulled into a small convenient market. The engine shut off almost relieving me. The man was insane out running the law for stealing a vehicle but not many people had ever got caught so he was also lucky. He got out of the car locking the doors behind him. When he was inside I messed with the handcuffs on my wrist trying to wiggle free. I tried to forcefully pull myself free but it didn’t work instead my hand just started to throb. I didn’t know what to do or what would even become of me. No don’t think just do. I looked around the car for something anything that would help. I saw nothing. Panicking my hand rattled the cuffs some more and still I was stuck. Didn’t any one see me? I wanted to cry I wanted to cry more than I had ever cried in my life but what good would that do? I had practically been crying since now anyway and it had never done any good because I was still treated like trash. This was scary being kidnapped was just too scary. Would father be worried would he be looking for me right now? No probably not. The car door suddenly opened startling me.

      His hands were practically filled with junk food. “Want some?” He asked. My eyes widened. He was a thief and now currently a kidnapper but still he offered me food? That was weird.


“Food do you want some?”  He gave me an annoyed look.

       “I-I don’t want food! I want you to unlock these handcuffs!” I barked. He sighed. He threw the food I the back seat. He reached into his pocket then his other.

    “Oh. He made a face.I… I dropped the key”

     My world suddenly shook with fear and worry. “WHAT?!” I pulled struggling, striving to get my hand out. “What kind of idiot are you!? You lost the key and now I’m stuck inside this car!” Anger boiled inside. I couldn’t believe I was unlucky enough to meet such a dangerous idiot. I wanted to scream at him some more but then he shoved a melon bun in my mouth. My heart beat quickened. “Yeah, Yeah I get it so shut your annoying mouth” He demanded. I had forgotten because of his idiocy but he was still scary.  “I wasn’t planning on keeping someone as kid like and annoying as you anyway besides you’re not even pretty enough to want to abduct” He sneered. My cheeks flustered. W-What did he just say!? 

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