Vocaloid Lyrics and Translations

**WARNING: Some lyrics may contain mature content**
So I decided to translate a whole bunch of Vocaloid lyrics because as I went through the English lyrics, it made me realize how powerful a lot of these lyrics really are.
I do not own any songs or translations and I do not own Vocaloid.


11. World is Mine

World is Mine by Hatsune Miku

Translated into English


I'm the number one princess in the world

So make sure you know how to treat me

Got it?

Number one, notice when I have a different hair style from usual
Number two, make sure you look down at my shoes closely, okay?
Number three, answer in three words "I love you" when I open my mouth and speak to you

If you understand, do something about my left hand

It's like like I'm being selfish and bothering you

I just want you to feel from the heart that I am the best to you
Because I'm the

The number one princess in the whole wide world
Will you notice me, hey, hey

It's quite impossible to make me wait

Who the hell do you think I am?
Now I want to eat something sweet right now!

Right now you hear?


Check one two!

Flaws? You mean adorable mistakes

You are not allowed to complain, okay?

I say! You are listening to what I'm saying? Hey!

Ah, and also, a little pony that's white is much too obvious

Come and pick me up
If you get it now, kneel before me, take my hand, and say "my princess"

It's not that I'm difficult or selfish

It's okay to go and scold me, just a little bit

My own prince in the world

Realize that hey, hey

Our hands are empty, reticent and bluff prince
Shoot, why? Realize it quick

You surely don't understand! Don't understand

Shortcake with a strawberry on top

Premium creamy egg pudding

Okay okay I'll try to contain myself
Don't write me off as selfish
Because hey, I can make it on my own

You're gonna regret it later

No doubt 'cause you know I'm

The number one princess in the world
You'd better keep your eyes on me, or I might not be here one day
Out of nowhere you pull me from behind
What are you.. huh?"

"Look out, you almost got run over!" You say as you turn away
Oh but I think you're more dangerous


Hey baby!


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