Vocaloid Lyrics and Translations

**WARNING: Some lyrics may contain mature content** So I decided to translate a whole bunch of Vocaloid lyrics because as I went through the English lyrics, it made me realize how powerful a lot of these lyrics really are. I do not own any songs or translations and I do not own Vocaloid.


14. Romeo and Cinderella

Romeo and Cinderella by Hatsune Miku

Translated into English


Please don't let our love turn out into a tragedy like it was for Juliet

Take me away into your arms
It's all I ask of you

I say goodnight to both my Father and my Mother

I hope they'll be able to dream of one another

I think it's time for all the grown ups to go to bed

Enchanting caramel that carries sweet illusions

My crossing legs that bring on sexual confusion

How farther will I let you go on this sinful night?

Screams of pain to "take it easy! Won't you bite me gently?"

"Don't you dare forget that I'm not ready quite yet."

It's because of my mom that I've been acting sweetly and nice to you

All the things that I don't know, how they enchant me so
But isn't that normal, or at least how it should go
Show me all your feelings and I'll let you in my heart
Oh, if only you knew this from the start

I feel so in love just like Cinderella
And I will chase after you wearing only my glass shoes
I pray to God for time to come to a halt
Before the evil can come leaving us both at fault
Now, I have to escape just like Juliet did
But please don't call me by that name, we aren't the same

It's not okay, please I just want you to stay
Because without you here what is there for me to do ?
So if I cried, would you always be right here by my side  

I try so hard to look like I'm older than my age

I wear mascara to conceal the fact I'm in rage
I promise you, I'll be a good girl from now on

There's no one here to stop me from the things that I do

I want some love so why don't you come please me, you fool
How farther will we be able to cross the line ?

Now I know that this is true, I fell in love with you
The pain is killing me, as I am screaming my pleas
I think you know by now that my Father doesn't seem to like you much

I can see your hands reach out, as I begin to pout
And now I see it clear, you really love me my dear
Take me far away so we can make love Romeo
Oh, won't you fulfill my fantasies

So I'll just run away like Cinderella
I'll scream my love for you, while leaving you my glass shoe
I'll pray to God that you'll come searching for me
Save me from all my dreams, while I run away and flee
Well, I'm sure that Cinderella was lying herself
It's not an accident, she left her shoe on purpose
I understand that she and I are the same
Oh, I just want to be loved, so no more playing games
So, just look for me and then you'll soon find what you seek

Why don't you just take a look and see what I have hidden in the corners of my heart ?
Can you see that it's filled with all of my dirty thoughts and all my needs and my wants ?
I want you to fill me up until I burst out forth and give into my desires
I'm drawn into ecstasy, oh, how I feel so free
Please tell me what it could be ?
But if I lose you, I wouldn't know what to do

My happiness seemed to be stored in a box, I need to find the key so I can open the lock
I'm scared in pain, but I won't cry out in vain
The thought of you hating me, I know it couldn't be

Well, my mom and my daddy don't care about me
They aren't different yet, they are the same as can be
I'll stop my lies, and I'll be true to myself

I'll just stick to the facts, I dropped my golden axe

So if I keep lying too much like CInderella

I know I'll meet the fate that she alone had to face

I'm really scared, and I have no clue what to do
But, I hope I don't end up just like her too

So before that happens, won't you come and rescue me

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