Vocaloid Lyrics and Translations

**WARNING: Some lyrics may contain mature content**
So I decided to translate a whole bunch of Vocaloid lyrics because as I went through the English lyrics, it made me realize how powerful a lot of these lyrics really are.
I do not own any songs or translations and I do not own Vocaloid.


17. Chaban Capriccio

Chaban Capriccio  by....

Holy shit....

Okay. Chaban Capriccio by Meiko, Kaito, Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine, Gackpo Camui and Gumi

I'm not putting who sings what because there are also duets and it switches too often.

Translated into English


An empty defendant's seat, a visitors gallery with nothing but junk
Come, let's begin this farce called a trial

Only one of the vessels that we're seeking out by orders of God remains
If it's the case you know it's whereabouts, make your testimony, "Sorceress of Time."

Transcending time, changing forms, changing masters, it's already made it's debut on stage
Even so, not knowing the whereabouts myself right now, I fear it's probably in her hands

Search, search, search that bitch. Left or right, or down

She who holds all the keys, search for "the Master of the Hellish Yard."

Until when is this farce going to continue?
There is nothing after that

Spirit of Adam who fell in the trap, there's nothing you can accomplish anymore

Swinging scales, a disordered scenario, vessels sullies in sin
Each song playing their song their own way, a discordant capriccio

The story already let go of demon's and God's hands and walks alone

If they were in this place, they would probably say this lament

What was truly terrifying was the desire of humanity

Let's sort what few facts we have here, lowly man descended from a demon
I shall give you permission, so tell us of the time you came to this forest

Dwelling in my body is an unpleasant curse. Seeking my original ancestor's sword
That has become necessary to solve this, I arrived at this forest alone.

Kill him, eat him, if impossible, let's arrest him. This insolent jackass who entered the forest
Judge, judge, at any rte judge him. Trial! Sentence! Death!

When I resolved myself after I was arrested, the fickle girl extended her hand

I wanted a charge just right for going chores

And so I became "The Gardener."

"Sorceress of time." "Cursed Gardener." Substitutes for the unawakened vessels

Each keep their goals close to the chest, the unsettling invaders

"The Director Doll," "Master of the Graveyard," "Gear," "The Waiter." "Master of the Hellish Yard."
When the end of everything arrives, who will be laughing, I wonder?

Lu li la lu li la lu li lu li la. The resounding beat of Irregular

Friendship, trauma, justice, illusion
Hope, destruction, dreams, greed, love, death

All of it continues to melt and turn in this clockwork lullaby

Just before the solitary man's death he constructed a theater

Will the utopia he wished for be completed?

Come, let's see with out own eyes. This farce called life.

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