Vocaloid Lyrics and Translations

**WARNING: Some lyrics may contain mature content**
So I decided to translate a whole bunch of Vocaloid lyrics because as I went through the English lyrics, it made me realize how powerful a lot of these lyrics really are.
I do not own any songs or translations and I do not own Vocaloid.


6. Cantarella

Cantarella by Kaito ft. Miku

When you realize Kaito is yandere af

Translated into English.


Staring back at you, staring back me
Our gaze meets through the bars of our cage
Though you try to hide, I see it in your eyes

Your obsession with the other side

So disguising my heart, I reach out my hand

Hoping that you won't see through my plan

And so trustingly, you smile at me

Now I've got you falling

Follow me and let me lead you into a trap
That I've set so lovingly
Don't be scared, don't worry
You will be asleep before the night falls again

Do my words feel sweet as they draw you in
Suddenly, I do not understand
The poison that choked you is now what you desire

And you drink it right out of my hand

The chains with which I bound you are beginning to rust

Oh, I do love you; but you I don't trust

But then you smile at me and I so trustingly

Release you from your prison

Let me follow you deep into the night

Where you have laid a trap for me

I'm not scared 'cause I know I will be asleep
Before the sun sets again

Follow me and let me lead you into a trap

That I've set so lovingly

Don't be scared; don't worry

I will make you sleep...
For Cantarella

Let me follow you deep into your dreams

Where I will feast on our sweet poison

Blood and sweat don't mingle in this lovely place

From which we'll never wake again

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