Let's pretend

Spencer knows who she wants, Ashton Irwin.. One of her best friends but he is dating one of the prettiest girls in school..Her best friend Calum hood tells her to make him jealous.. But in the end is ashton really who she wants or someone else.


7. 7

Spencer's P.O.V

I wash my hair and my body my legs are already shaved so im good. I turn the water off and then grab my towel and wrap it around myself, and continue towards the door.. Wait. Im at Calum's.. All the boys are here.. maybe i can run into Cal's room and change back into my clothes. Okay you got this.. I open the door and ran down the hall. Next thing i know im on top of someone.. my eyes are shut "Uh Spence??" i knew that voice, Ashton.             I open my eyes "hey Ash.. i quickly get up and push him into Cals room. "Turn around. I gotta get dressed" he turns 

"Why am I in here?"

"You can't tell anyone about what happened just a few moments ago."

"I wont. But what will Calum do" Pull my pants on and quickly button up my shirt, I walk over to him and slap him

"You wont tell him! Unless you wanna explain to him why you were creeping around upstairs while I was in the shower."


he says angry like..He storms out of the room, I try to after him but get pushed back into the room..

"Why was Ash in here while you were changing?" Cal was questioning me 

"Why? its not like you actually care?" He looks hurt.. "Cal."

"No.Your right. I dont care" im shocked.. I can feel hot tears streaming down my face, I run past him, and down the stairs but i run into ashton who is standing at the foot of the stairs..

"Again? seriously?" He turns and looks at me "Oh.. hey whats wrong..?''

"Spencer?!'' I can hear Calum coming down the stairs, So i run past ash, Luke, and Michael then straight out the door. Its starts rainin but I continue running till i get home.. by then im soaking from the rain.

I push the door open and walk into my house "Where the hell where you?!'' Shit.

"I was at Alayna's" I choke out.. "Dad.. I.." he cuts me off y slapping me. Im crying even harder. I run up stairs and lock my door. I take off my wet clothes and put some short black shorts with a white tank a white and black flannel, Also, some black knee high socks.. I walk over to my hamper with my clothes and stuff them inside.. This wasn't the first time my dad has hit me..He only hits me when he's drunk.. Which is alot now that he and mum split up.. but he has to go to work soon.. So he is probably getting sober.. I get up and turn off the lights.. i try to sleep but all i could think about was how Calum reacted to what i said.. almost as if he  actually was mad about Ash being in the room while I was changing. I doubt it though.. I look over to my alarm clock it reads 5:30 am. I flip over and close my eyes..and slowly drift to sleep






I wake up to my phone ringing..."Hello" 

"hey.. did you just wake up?''


"Well get ready im on my way." I nod even tho she can't see me


I hang up and Luckly I showered yesterday. i pull out a long sleeve red nit sweater, Light blue jeans, Some tan lace socks and some brown leather boots. I walk into my bathroom and brush my teeth and do m usual makeup nude eyeshadow maskara and black winged eyeliner. I hear the door bell and i run down stairs brushing my hair, I open the door and start braiding it to the side.


"Here we are." I look over at alayna 

"Why are we at Calums house.?''

"Because I know aout you too being an 'item" she puts quotations around 'Item' "Also the fight you had and I want you to make up.." I sigh 

"layna.." I dont even know what to say..

"Stop! your making up with him."

"Fine.." She nods

"I'll be back im going to starbucks i'll bring you a s'mores Frap in 20" I get out of her car and walk to his door..

I ring the doorbell and the door flings open. 

Im shocked at who it is.

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