Let's pretend

Spencer knows who she wants, Ashton Irwin.. One of her best friends but he is dating one of the prettiest girls in school..Her best friend Calum hood tells her to make him jealous.. But in the end is ashton really who she wants or someone else.


2. 2

Spencer's P.O.V

" your what?" Ashton chokes

" We're dating." Calum jumps in. I nod. we go and sit down,

"Well congrats i guess.." Michael nods in agreement

"Thanks" i smile.I rest my head on Calums Shoulder and he kisses the top of my head.

"How long has this been going on?" I look over to Ashton, he looks upset, I open my mouth to say something but Calum cuts me off again.

"2 weeks" the boys look shocked i nod.

"Im sorry.. we would have told you guys.. but we wanted to see if we could actually be a couple." i smile

"No i get it."

"Yeah me too" Luke pauses, He looks over to Ashton "You good ?"

"Yeah." Ashton laughs " Of course i am."

We make eye contact.. I can see he is hurt. I look away.

"So what are you getting"i ask Michael, I usually ask Ashton that.

"Um.. I think I'm gonna get a BLT" i nod.

"Hi my name is Jamie ill be your server tonight, Let's start out on drinks" She pauses " You first" she points to Luke

he laughs " Um.. a doctor pepper and your number" he winks. i guess she is cute she has dirty blonde hair green eyes and is about my height. She blushes

"and for the rest of you?"

"Coke."- Michael

"Water"- me


"Water also,"- Ashton

I look over to him, he was already looking at me.I sigh.. maybe a little to loud because the rest of the guys and Jamie look at me. I blush and look down.

"Alright, ill be back with your drinks and to take your order." she smiles. She walks away, Luke checks her out as she walks.. I laugh at him.

"And your number?" i mock the rest of the boys laugh except Luke.

"Oh, hush." he puts his finger up to his lips. I laugh

she comes back with our drinks.. "What can  get for everyone?" She looks at Ashton.

"um i would like Some chicken tenders, with fries."

"Two Cheese burgers with Bacon on one. and one without sauce and a large thing of fries for me and my lady" he motions his head towards me

"Uh.. I will have a BLT with a baked potato ." i laugh

"Now for you Mr. Flirt" she looks at Luke

"I would also like a BLT but with fries." he winks.

"alright, coming up in about 10 minuets" she laughs. she starts passing out The drinks, she gave Luke a peice of paper.

"NO way!!" i yell

"Way!!" he yells back!!

Jamie laughs  and walks away

We all break out laughing, causing us to get weird looks from people, Which makes us laugh harder.

Jamie comes back with our food.. We all start to eat,

"i need to use the res room so" Calum and Ashton get the point and move.

I walk towards the bathroom.. When an arm turns me around. Its ashton.


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