Let's pretend

Spencer knows who she wants, Ashton Irwin.. One of her best friends but he is dating one of the prettiest girls in school..Her best friend Calum hood tells her to make him jealous.. But in the end is ashton really who she wants or someone else.


1. 1

Spencer's P.O.V

"Come on Spence" i look up and ashton one of my best friends is standing in front of me..

i smile "Where are we going?"

"Cals house, remember?'' i nod

 he grabs my hand and there are sparks going throughout my hand "Woah.. Did you feel that?"

i almost choked "feel what?" he started to laugh,

"Nothing." i laugh it off..we continue to walk towards Cals house, he is still holding my hand..

i decided to move my hand. he looks at me weird

"Sorry, My hand was getting hot.''

"No, its fine.. " i smile..

ugh! this kills me.. im in love with my best friend then when things happen i stop it!!Well he does have a girlfriend..Ugh.. i need to talk to calum he always knows what to do for me when i need advice with ashton, he is the only one who knows about my crush.we continue the walk, i guess i should interduce myself now..

Well im  Spencer Lynn your average 18 year old girl with dark brown hair, my eyes are silver grey. I have 5 best friends, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Alayna Finn. I've been in love with ashton since the third grade, We were each others first kiss. Well im 5'9 so im like up to Calums chin, Lukes shoulder, Ashtons shoulder and Michael's chin.

"spence!?" i was spacing out again..


"We are here." with that i walk to the door and walked in,

i continue to Calum's room.

all the guys but Layna and ash are up here..

"HEY SPENCE!!!!!" they yell in sync

"HI BOIISSSSSS" i scream back.

I go and sit by Cal on his bed, I rest my head on his shoulder.. Ashton finally comes in the room and looks at me..

"Let's watch a movie.."  Michael says, ending the awkward silence.

" I agree" i laugh


We ended up putting finding nemo in.my head was still on Calums shoulder, he rested his head on mine.. My eye lids were becoming heavy and i drifted to sleep

My eyes flutter open and see my head is nuzzled into Caulms neck his arms are around me, he is asleep.. none of the other guys are here..I nuzzle my head further into calum's neck.. He wakes up.. i look up at him..


"Hi" i laugh

"i guess the guys left.. " he pauses " since your here, wanna stay the night..?"

"sure." i smile

" Do you want to get some clothes?"

"No, Its fine..  Tomorrow is saturday..'' smile again.

 He nods.. " Wanna meet up with the guys and get some food..?"

" Sure." i smile widely closing my eyes, He laughs

"So.. what should i do about ashton? like today he was holding my hand then i pulled away and when i did he gave me a weird look."

"Well.. he has feelings for you but he doesnt want to admit it to himself. Just make him jealous."

"thats it!" i pause "but how?"

" I dont know, we will figure it out tonight and start it tomorrow." he smiles

I start to think what other way to get Ashton jealous then to get a boyfriend, But who would date me, or pretend to date me? wait. I look over at Calum. This will be perfect. We get to the place and walk in, we get closer to the table, I grab Caulms hand, Interlock our fingers. He looks at me i give him the 'Go with it' look he nods then smiles.

"Hey guys" they look up, Ashton instantly looks at our hands

"Whats uh.. whats going there." he points to our hands

"Well..uh me and Calum are now dating." i smile, i look at Calum he nods and smiles


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