... And so we meet

My brother died. And it hunts me every day. I don't really want to be alive. But I don't want to just through my life away. I was certain of one thing Maxon tried to help my brother but was to late. And I love him.


5. Øhm what?!

Chapter 5 – Øhm what?!

As I just stood there speechless once again, Maxon took a step forward against me. I didn’t move back as you normally would do when someone you barely know comes very close. But by instinct I moved closer to him. Not like when you are taking a step but when you by reflex lean on. The next thing I remember from that morning was when his lips had found mine. Then I knew he only wanted the best for me. I accidentally dropped my back that had hung on my shoulder only seconds earlier. I was shocked by the noise, and I backed away from Maxon. Not that I wanted to but it just happened. “I’m so sorry” He said when we both could breathe again. He turned around, and instead of making him stop I let him go. I was too shocked about my feelings for him, to know what to do. So I just went inside again. Maybe the thought of going to bed again wouldn’t be so bad an idea. I could just tell them I was sick. And that would explain to Maxon why I said as I did. However, it would be a lie, and I didn’t need to know which things to say or not.


I went upstairs to my room to get some make up on. I totally forgot it, and by my luck. Had I have anything on it might have gotten away. I saw the tears falling from my eyes when I stood in front of the mirror, Got lost of them and ran out the door. I was already late. The clock at school was calling for us to go to class. My head was already filled with stuff to remember so I forgot which class I was in. Jungkook must have been worried about me keeping my promise, cause only seconds after the clock stopped he was out of the class we should be in. I was kind of happy to see him, but I knew I had to tell him about what happened when he didn’t pick me up. “Re I was so sure you’d actually did it this time” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. “Oppa never when I have you” I said and gave him a hug. “We have to go in now” something we both agreed about. I held my head high when I walked in. Of cause Maxon was there, and what did he had to worry about when all the girls in class already was around him and ready to be his partner in life.


I thought about why he would have kissed me when he had all the other girls in the class probably the girls overall school. It might have been another dream. I woke myself up and looked at the board. We were being paired up. My name wasn’t on the board jet, but Jungkook’s was. I knew what that would mean. Someone had to come home with me so we could make the assignment together. I closed my eyes and saw the cleft again.


The blue sky was above me, and the city right in front of me. But there was a safety net beneath me. I didn’t know why out of a sudden it was there when it was my fantasy. I opened my eyes again and my name had come to the board.


I panicked. It was like destiny was having some fun up there, and suddenly thought it could be funny to make my destiny together with his. I holed my breathe just to be clear it wasn’t a nightmare that just thought about getting real. Why was I afraid of working together with Maxon? I mean he had kissed me, but I didn’t really know what that meant. At least now I would find out. “Guys the rest of the day has been set off just so you can go home and make the assignment. It’s due Friday and all school until then is set off”


Our teacher might have thought it was fun she could do that to the whole class, but I thought it was rather terrible. Maxon came to me. “So could we maybe do it at your house? It’s closer to school” I didn’t know what to do, other than making myself stand. I was feeling a little unsteady and it felt like my knees where collapsing underneath me. “Yeah I think that’s a good idea” I said. Moreover because I didn’t know how far I could go before falling from the cleft got real, and that I wouldn’t be able to control it.


When we started walking Jungkook was on his way to find a spot at the school with his partner. I send him a look saying I wouldn’t do anything stupid and turned away. I kept walking as best as I could. But at some point I couldn’t even feel my legs. I did everything I could to keep my head high. When Maxon and I came to my house I was about to unlock the door, but he turned me around. I felt the connection there where between us and I don’t know why but I really wanted him to kiss me. “I’m sorry about this morning, but in that clothes I can’t try to ignore the attraction I feel when you are around” I looked him in the eyes, and I thought about the possibility that he spoke the truth. I could barely breathe. I wanted him so bad, but I did know it was wrong of me to think like that. “I … am sorry” I said. First time I finally did apologize to him. I wanted to touch him and I lifted my arm where I thought about laying it on his shoulders. His hands where still on my hips when he had turned me around. The tension between us grew and he locked me between the door and himself. His hands moved slowly behind my back and I kind of felt protected. “Please” The word came out of my mouth with desire. I was starting to shiver under every single touch that he made. So when he finally found my lips I felt pleasure run through my whole body and I didn’t wanted it to stop. I laid my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer to him. I was standing on my toes. I don’t know if I had put the keys in the door, but it opened and he lifted me inside. I had closed my eyes so I didn’t see what happened other than I ended up against a wall. I still kissed him like I would never do anything else in my life ever again. He whispered soft against my lips. “Jump” I tried doing exactly that but it wasn’t possible.


He stopped kissing me for a sec and I opened my eyes just to look directly into his chocolate brown eyes. The light that had been gone were back and it shined brighter than the sun. I don’t know how but I could read in his eyes what he wanted me to do. He took one of my legs up and holed it by his hip. I pulled myself close to him, when he took my other leg so I didn’t touched the floor. I crossed my legs on his back when he pushed me up against the wall once more. I moaned when he kissed me once again. His hands were on my back again, but they slowly found my arse. He slowly separated my lips, and I let him do it. Maybe I was just horny but something in me really wanted this to happen. And I thought he kind of wanted too. But I remembered I barely knew him even though I was pressed against a wall. So against my own will I holed myself back.

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