The Misery of Insanity

The last time Jeff saw Jane or his daughter, Jade, he had almost killed them. Now he is stumbling around in this world lost. His sane self battling for control with his insanity. How can he end this torturous war inside his head?
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1. Feelings


The sound of gunshots broke the late night silence waking up much of the sleeping neighborhood. A total of six gunshots rang out before the gun fell silent. Many people started running out of their houses to check out what was going on but others started calling the police and staying within the safety of their homes.

The police arrived in a matter of minutes. They broke open the front door and ran into the house with guns at the ready. The lower floor was all clear but upstairs in one of the bedrooms the scene was disturbing to some of the newer officers making them almost lose their lunch from the smell alone. The more veteran officers shook their heads as they looked upon the familiar scene.

Laying on the ground in front of the officers laid a man face down with a revolver in his right hand and in front of that was the corpse of a teenage girl with a smile carved into her face and the words "GO TO SLEEP" written in blood on the wall. It was yet another gruesome scene by the infamous Jeff the Killer but there was something about the scene that confused the officers. There was a survivor.

-Four Hours Earlier-

Night was beginning to fall and Jeff was stalking his next victim. She was quite the popular girl. She had friends following her all the way home. Though, it wasn't surprising to Jeff. With her looks it would be easy for her to get friends. She was a brunette with wavy hair, emerald green eyes, light skin, and quite the womanly figure. Jeff chuckled as a part of him thought about the kind of attention she must have gotten from the guys at her school.

Her many friends though didn't just come from her looks as Jeff already knew. He liked to research his first victim that would start the fire of his murder spree each night. She was kind, intelligent, and was quite the whiz at the piano. She was a star with a bright future. A loving family, a career as a pianist, an infinite number of doors were open to her but the feeling that burned within Jeff was going to shut all of those doors and drag her through the door of eternal slumber.

Jeff watched as she unlocked the door to her house with a key then lock the door behind her. Jeff's demonic grin widened as he gripped the knife in the pocket of his hoodie. Blood, her blood would satisfy his lust for death. Jeff waited for sleep to overtake his victim before moving to enter the house. However, as Jeff moved towards the house something didn't feel right but he quickly knew what it was and started moving faster in order to avoid the other feeling that was starting to stir.

Jeff quietly made his way around the back of the house and pulled his knife from his hoodie. He easily slipped in through the backdoor and then started to make his way to the stairs. The scent, her scent was strong. The smell of light perfume and cherry lipstick lead Jeff up the stairs and to the right. This scent, it was pleasing but at the same time it was deadly. This scent had been what sparked the feeling and lead Jeff to her.

Jeff quietly opened the door to the girl's room and his grin started to widen as he took in the smell of the room. He silently closed the door behind him and carefully made his way to the girl's bed. Her sleeping form was quite graceful. In Jeff's twisted mind he thought to himself, "Someone as beautiful and talented as her is bound to be corrupted many of the evil things in this world. Don't worry, I'm here now to save you."

Jeff reached his free hand down to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming when he suddenly stopped. The other feeling started to pulse. This was a feeling that Jeff despised. It was like something was trying to put his sanity back together. It was as if something was forcing him to endure the feelings had abandoned so long ago.

Jeff stumbled backwards as the feeling and the other feeling battled inside his mind but just as Jeff caught himself he heard the girl begin to stir. Jeff couldn't move as the feelings inside of him fought for dominion over his mind but while they battled the girl slowly sat up in her bed. The girl rubbed her eyes before turning and looking at Jeff. In that brief moment that the girl locked eyes with Jeff a flash of a memory blazed through his mind of a girl that had sat behind him in class when he was sane and tears started to well up in Jeff's eyes.

Unfortunately, in the next moment the girl's eyes shined with fear and her mouth began to open as if to scream. It was then that the feeling seized Jeff's mind and he leaped on the girl, covering her mouth and muffling her scream with his hand. Jeff locked eyes with the girl once more and let out a horribly demonic laugh as he said, "Don't struggle. It will all be over soon. Just relax and go to SLEEP!"

With tears in his eyes Jeff took his knife and plunged it into the struggling girl's body. For several seconds she fought against Jeff's iron grip until she fell still, fear still visible in her eyes as her breaths slowed to a halt. Jeff slowly pulled the knife out of the girl and gazed down at his knife, covered in blood as the crimson liquid flowed out of the wound. The sight was entrancing to Jeff but he didn't idle too long before he started to work on his masterpiece. Jeff let out a low chuckle as his blood covered knife cut into the girl's flesh. It took only a few seconds for Jeff to finish decorating the girl with a beautifully carved smile such as his. He then took some of her blood and began to paint his famous catchphrase on the wall.

Once Jeff was finished he turned as if to head towards the door to finish killing the only remaining member of the household. The father. However, Jeff stopped when he saw the father standing there in the doorway. He was just staring at his daughter in shock before fear and rage took hold of him and he looked up towards the monster that had entered his home. The father pulled a revolver from his back pocket and aimed it at Jeff.

Just before the father could pull the trigger he froze as Jeff let out a spine chilling chuckle. Jeff dashed to the left and right as the father pulled the trigger, dodging five of the bullets before deflecting one with his knife. The father reached to reload the gun only to see Jeff just inches from his face in an instant. The father stumbled back before letting out a cry of surprise and pain as Jeff stabbed his knife into the father's heart. The father fell to the floor in pain knowing that death was about to claim him. Jeff watched as the father seemed to reach out towards the daughter and whisper one last word, ""

Once the father fell still Jeff knelt down and pulled his knife from the newly made corpse. He then looked back at the girl and repeated the name the father had said, "Alisa."

It was the name of the girl. For some reason, Jeff had forgotten that bit from when he was researching her. Some part of him started thinking but was cut short when he heard sirens in the distance. Jeff then bolted out of the girl's room and shot out of the backdoor before breaking for the woods. By the time the police had discovered the scene Jeff had left behind he was long gone. He had vanished into the night.

Back at the house the police were starting to exit the building while calling in the ambulance. Bystanders were starting to gather in front of the house and started asking the police questions. Among the bystanders was a woman wearing a rather large black hat holding the hand of a little girl who was holding a stuffed teddy bear. The woman in the hat seemed to examine the scene for a moment before saying, "Come along sweetie."

The little girl nodded and said, "Yes mommy."

They walked together and once the two were out of sight they vanished like smoke into the night.


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