Mischief With the Weasley Twins

Melina Black is the daughter of Sirius Black. Sirius had a relationship with Melina's mom when they had finished school, but Melina's mom died giving birth to her. Mel was with Harry on the day his parents were killed and her dad was taken away, as it happen Harry was taken to the Dursly's while Mel was taken to live with her Cousin Draco Malfoy. On her way to Hogwarts Melina meets the famous Weasley twins.


4. Chapter 4

Fred's POV

Mel, George and I were waiting for Percy to come back. For the prank we pulled on him we had taken him on his mattress to the lake that was close to our house with the help of Charlie and Bill. We were patiently waiting for him to come back, I looked to see George playing with a trinket and Melina was just sitting there playing  with my hand. I got a good idea so I grabbed Melina's hand and took her outside with George following us. I grabbed our record player and put a slow song on I then turned to Mel

"May I have this dance" I asked. She giggled and took my hand. We started dance for a while when George came over and asked to dance. 

"Go ahead George" Mel said leaving George and I to dance with each other. After a while the three of us were dancing like crazy people in the backyard. We were all laughing when we heard Percy yelling inside. We ran inside to see him very angry. Everyone was laughing at Percy since no one was helping him so he went to his room. 

"Fred and George!! Why did you do this to Percy" Our mum yelled at us.

"It wasn't us it was Mel" I said

"So sorry Mrs. Weasley" She said laughing

"Its ok dear. Now all of you leave" Our mum said kicking us out of the kitchen. 

"How about a game of quidditch" Bill said. We all agreed and we all left to go get our brooms. After everyone was ready we all met in the backyard. It was a little cold outside so we had to wear jackets. I saw Stitch running around us excitedly. I saw that there was an odd number of us so someone would have to sit out.

"Sorry Ginny but since you are the youngest you will sit out" Charlie said. Ginny was sad but sat on the floor with Stitch. 

"Well since I'm the oldest I pick first" Bill said

"I chose Charlie and Mel" Bill said

"But we wanted Mel!" George and I yelled

"To bad now lets play laddies" Melina said flaying on her broom

Ron played keeper while George and I were seeker/ chaser. While Bill was keeper, Charlie was seeker and Mel was chaser. As soon as the game began Mel kept scoring on us while we had no luck on scoring. We had been playing for 20 minutes when Charlie caught the snitch. We all landed on the ground as the winning team celebrated. Soon I felt something wet. I looked up to see snow. In less the 10 minutes there was snow everywhere. I felt something wet and I knew it was Mel so I ran full speed at her and knocked her to the ground but she pulled me along. She was laughing in the snow and started throwing snowballs at other people which led to a huge snowball fight. After an hour more of playing in the snow we went inside and had hot chocolate and cookies. Since everyone was exhausted we all went to bed.

Mel's POV

The days events were very fun and I was very sleepy so it was easy for me to fall asleep. 

I was sleeping peacefully when I felt weight on me. I tried to move but it was to heavy. I woke to see Fred and George on me.

"Get up. We are going to Diagon alley to get last minute Christmas presents" George said

I nodded my head ok and kicked them out of the room to get ready. Once I got ready I went downstairs and ate breakfast. After everyone was done eating we went through Floo-network. Once we all got there we said we would meet back in The Leaky Cauldron in an hour. The twins and I set of to some stores. I all needed was to get gifts for rest of the Weasley family. Once we went to a bunch of different stores I decided to pull a prank on the twins. I had gone ahead of them and hid in the shadows. Right as they were gonna pass em I jumped out and scarred them.

"BLOODY HELL MElINA" George yelled. I was laughing really hard when I saw their reactions

"You guys should have seen yourselves" I said laughing 

"Mel you gave me a heart attack" Fred said said

"I'm sorry" I said giving him puppy dog eyes

"It's ok" He said hugging me

"And George I told you not to call me Melina" I said slapping him on the head

"Ouch!" he said rubbing his head. After that we went back to the meet up place where we would go back home. Once we got home I went straight to my room where I wrapped everyone's gift and placed it under the tree the Weasley's had. There was a bunch of gifts there and some had my name on it. After having a nice dinner the twins and I went up stairs where we talked. I was laying on George's bed while him and Fred laid on Fred's bed. We had been talking for such a long time that the tree of us fell asleep. 


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