Mischief With the Weasley Twins

Melina Black is the daughter of Sirius Black. Sirius had a relationship with Melina's mom when they had finished school, but Melina's mom died giving birth to her. Mel was with Harry on the day his parents were killed and her dad was taken away, as it happen Harry was taken to the Dursly's while Mel was taken to live with her Cousin Draco Malfoy. On her way to Hogwarts Melina meets the famous Weasley twins.


3. Chapter 3

Mel's POV

It was a week before Christmas. I had found a best friend that wasn't the twins or Lee, it was Jamie. Jamie was a muggle born with a younger brother. We had meet the first day of classes and instantly became friends. I sometimes hung out with Jamie more than the twins which made the twins jealous but would get over it. We bonded over books and music. Jamie was going back home for Christmas so we gave each other our presents before she left. I on the other hand didn't know what I was doing for Christmas. I was reading one of my favorite books when the twins came over to me.

"How would you like to spend Christmas with us" They said in unison

"For real?!" I asked

"YUP!" They said

"We've told our mum about you and she said she wanted to invite you over" Fred said. I blushed a little to hear that the twins talked about.  I sighed and knew I had to write a letter to my Uncle and tell him I won't be home for Christmas

"Sure but I have to tell my Uncle" I said pulling out paper. They nodded and went to packing. I wrote my letter  explaining where I was going. After that I went to my dorm which was empty and packed and meet the twins back down stairs. I also gave Lee, Anglia, and Katie a gift before they left. 

"Now Miss. Black follow us this way" Fred said giving me his hand as I followed him while George took my stuff along with his own. When we met rest of the Weasley's and boarded on the train. The three of us got a compartment and talked but half way through the ride I was feeling sleepy. Fred had fallen asleep on one side of the compartment. George on the other hand was awake reading a Quidditch magazine so I laid my head on George is lap and got comfy. George intimidatingly started blushing  but soon got use to. After a while I fell asleep. 

George's POV

 After Mel feel asleep on my lap I studied her features. She was cute but she was my best friend. After a while I got sleepy so I feel asleep to. 

A while later I heard a voice

"Wake up love birds" I guessed Fred said. I looked up and saw him grinning at me but Mel was still asleep.

"Wake your girlfriend up" Fred said

"She's not my girlfriend" I said quickly. I looked down to see her still asleep. Fred then smirked and went over to the curtain that covered the window and yanked it open. I heard a dud and saw Mel on the floor looking very mad

"Fredrick Weasley! HOW DARE YOU OPEN THE CURTAIN WHILE I'M SLEEPING" she yelled at him. She was getting near him so I grabbed her waist and tugged her back but she was very strong. As she was attempting to get near Fred the train stopped which made us all tumble on top off each other. After we got up Mel was in a bad mood so she left the train without us.

"Well Mel mad so now she won't talk to us" I said. When Mel was mad at you you either were ignored by her or got revenge

"Ya but now she won't know where to go" Fred smirked

"True" I said back

We both got of the train hoping to see a lost Melina but she had found our family. I'm guessing Percy or Charlie helped her find our family. I saw Melina getting a hug buy our mum then started talking to Ron and Ginny

"Hello boys" Our mum said hugging us

"Hello mum" We said hugging her back. After a few more minutes we split into two groups. Bill, mum, Melina, Ron, and Ginny. While the rest of us went together in another car. Once we got in Charlie started talking to us

"Screw up there boys" He said laughing at Fred and I

"What do you mean" I asked

"Well your little friend Mel came and found me and to my surprise without both of you" He said

"It's all Fred's fault. He's the one who woke up Mel" I said defensively

Charlie just laughed while Fred and I talked about pranks to pull on Percy.

Mel's POV

I really liked the Weasley family. They were kinda and generous. I had gotten along with Ron and Ginny. I would be sharing a room with Ginny for the break. We had beat the other's home and when we got there there was a house elf there. 

"Molly what are you doing here" I asked as the other Weasley's pulled up and watched me

"Master sent me to give you this" She said handing me a bag and letter. Before I could say anything else she disappeared.

"Who was that" Ginny asked

"That is my Uncle's house elf" I said 

"Wait I need to release Stitch" I said. I went to Stitch's cage and let him loose. He ran around like a mad man. Ron came over and started playing with Stitch. Ginny then led me to her room. It was across form the twins room. Just great I thought Mentally. Once we got in Ginny's room she talked about her favorite Quidditch team and the Weird Sisters. I looked in the bag to see my broom and a letter.  I grabbed the letter and read it. 

Dear Melina, 

I am not happy that you are staying with the blood traitors, but we want you to be at the manor on Christmas day for dinner. 


Uncle Lucius

I sighed and Ginny asked what was wrong

"I have to go to my Uncle's for Christmas dinner" I said

"Ok but you should tell mum" She said 

"Ok I'll be back" I said stepping out of her room. As soon as I stepped out the twins opened there door and dragged me in there.

"What the hell do you want!?" I yelled at them

"I'm sorry for waking you up" Fred said

"And I'm sorry for whatever I did" George said

"I'll think about your apologizes" I said. Looking at them

"Please" They asked with puppy dog eyes 

"Um no" I said running away from them to go tell Mrs. Weasley the news but I heard the twins follow me. I ran faster when I saw Mrs. Weasley cooking dinner. I was running so fast that I almost ran into her

"I'm so sorry" I said out of breath 

"It's ok dear. So what do you need?" She asked

"My Uncle told me that I had to go home for Christmas dinner. But I can probably come back fro rest of the break" I said looking out for the  twins which surprisingly weren't in sight

"That's fine dear I'll tell Aurther to write to Lucius and task him about your transportation" She said and I nodded my head ok. As I left the kitchen and started going up the stair the twins caught me, lifted me up, and dragged me to their room. I sighed as they placed me on their bed.

"Mel we need our other prankster cause we have huge pranks planned" George said. I looked at them then smiled

"Ok so what's the plan" I asked 

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