Mischief With the Weasley Twins

Melina Black is the daughter of Sirius Black. Sirius had a relationship with Melina's mom when they had finished school, but Melina's mom died giving birth to her. Mel was with Harry on the day his parents were killed and her dad was taken away, as it happen Harry was taken to the Dursly's while Mel was taken to live with her Cousin Draco Malfoy. On her way to Hogwarts Melina meets the famous Weasley twins.


1. Chapter One

Mel's POV

           Today was gonna be a good day. Today I would receive my letter to Hogwarts. I would finally know that soon I would be able to leave this house hold. Don't get me wrong I was grateful to have a house to live in but I hated my uncle Lucius. He was very mean to me growing up in 'his manor' since my mum was a muggle born. But on the other hand my aunt and Draco weren't bad. Since i was older than Draco I would always prank him and he would try to get me but failed miserably. 

I was sleeping peacefully until my favorite house elf Dobby woke me up

"Hello Mistress" Dobby said

"I told you to call  me Mel"I said still laying in bed

"Master said to get you up for a surprise" He said going over to the curtains

"Dobby please don't open the curtains. Just for today its my birthday" I begged hiding in the covers

"Sorry Mistress" he said opening the curtains which made me screech and hide back under my blanket

I heard the door open and felt a hand on me

"Get up dear we are waiting for you" Aunt Narcissa said

I grunted and got up. After sitting in bed for 5 minutes I headed to the dinner to see everyone there. 

"Happy Birthday Mel" Draco said

"Thanks Drac" I said sitting next to him

"Here's your letter" Lucius said handing me my letter while Dobby served me my favorite breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and french fries.

"Thank you uncle" I said opening it

"We are going to Diagon Alley a week before school starts" Uncle said

"And later today we are going to having a party in honor of your 11th birthday" Narcissa said 

"Here's a gift for you" Lucius said handing me a big box. I smiled, I was happy that he wasn't that cruel to me anymore thanks to Narcissa.  I opened the box to see the newest broom. I grinned to see the beauty in front of me

"Thank you very much" I said  

They all nodded and I saw Draco trying to touch but I slapped his hand a stuck my tongue out at him which he did back at me. Once I finished my breakfast Draco and I went outside to race each  other on our brooms in which of course I won all the races. 

The whole day was ok since the party for me was a bunch of people I didn't know which included my soon to be professor Snape. But best of all I got a pet dog

Skip to September 1st

Today was the day I would finally go to Hogwarts. As we were heading to platform 9 3/4 Lucius was talking on and on about how goo it was to be a Slytherin and not to be a 'disgrace' like my father who was a Gryffindor. I didn't care what house I was really. I was just excited to go.

George Weasley's POV

Today me and Fred would start Hogwarts. Percy and Charley were still in Hogwarts. Bill had finished last year so it was are turn. As we were walking to Platform our dad ran into his co-worker The Malfoy leader. A usually there was tension

"Hello Aurther" Lucius said

"Lucius" our dad nodded to him

"What brings you here Lucius" Our dad asked

"Well my niece is starting Hogwarts" he said

I looked over to Fred. I thought great another Slytherin but fresh bait for me and Fred. I looked to see a girl a bit taller than me with dark brown hair almost black. 

"Ey mate stop staring" Fred said whisper as he hit me in the head. As I looked back I made contact with the girl. She looked back at me and smirked

"Well uncle its almost 11, I don't want to miss the train so good bye and Draco if you touch my broom you're dead. So bye" She said running into the portal leaving the Malfoy's in shock but then they left. I looked to see the clock say 10:55. We all started going into the portal and saying our good byes. We barely got onto the train on time.

"Let's go find a place to sit at" Fred said. As we walked all the compartments were full until we came across one that only held the Malfoy in it. I turned to Fred to "This the only compartment so" I said when I opened the door

"Hello" I said to the girl

"You can sit here. I don't bite but I'm not sure about Stitch" She said pointing to her black dog

"I'm Fred, Fred Weasley" Fred said sitting next to the girl

"I'm Melina but you can call me Mel" Mel said

"Oh and that's George" Fred said pointing to me as I took a seat on the other side of the compartment

"What's your last name" I asked

"Black" She said

"Wait you're the daughter of Sirius Black?" Fred asked

"Yes is that a problem" She said fiercely

We nodded our heads no as she smiled

Mel's POV

As I came to know the twins I decided to pull a prank on them

"Fred and George can you please buy me snacks from the cart I'm starving" I said grabbing a pouch full of money from my jean pocket

"Sure" They said in unison as they caught the pouch

Once they were gone I turned into a black dog like Stitch. I had learned hot to do this when I was 5 but kept it a secret. I sat on a seat and waited for them to come back. After 5 minutes they came back and yelled 

"Where's Mel!" Fred yelled panicked

"I don't know" George responded

 I turned back into human laughing at them. 

"How did you do that?" George asked interested

"I honestly don't know. It just happened one time when I was little but I can do it whenever" I said

"That's so cool" Fred said

"Better change" A person said popping open our door

"Ok now go away Percy" George said

"Who's that?" I asked

"Our older brother Percy" Fred said

"Beware of him" George said

"More like beware of me since I have a couple pranks up my sleeve" I said pulling out my robes

"Well we do to. I say we collaborate" Fred said

"Ok but I am the Queen of pranks" I said

"Well see about that. I'll be the Queen of pranks" Fred said

"Well we'll see about that shorty" I said punching him friendly in the gut

"I've been hit" Fred said dramatically falling onto the ground will George and I laughed. After 30  more minutes of joking around the train came to a stop. Once we got off I jumped on George's back as he stumbled but he still caught me

"First years this way" A big man yelled

"Who's that?" I asked George

"Hagrid" He said

"Now peasant one and peasant two carry me towards Hagrid!"  I yelled slapping George on the head making him move. I do have to admit the twin were cute but for now they are my best friends

As George was walking with Fred on his side we made it to boats where the three of us sat a long with another boy named Lee-Jordan. As the three boys talked I looked at the beautiful castle in front of me. We all got off and went inside where we were met up with a professor 

"Hello children I am Professor  McGonagall. In a few minutes you all shall be separated into your houses" She said 

"What house do you want Mel" Fred asked

"Uh probably Gryffindor like my dad" I said and he nodded and went back to talking to Lee and George.t

After a little while we were let to the great hall where we were to be separated into our houses. The thing that was gonna put us into houses was the sorting hat. People went up there and got a house but I tuned out until Fred, George and Lee were separated which all was Gryffindor. After a while longer my name was called

"Melina Black" Professor McGonagall said. When she said my name the hall went quite but there were whispers every where. As everyone before me I sat on the stool and the sorting hat was placed on my head. It then started whispering i to my ear

I see we have a Black here. How about Slytherin like most of your family.
Please not Slytherin. I want to be put in Gryffindor like my dad. I thought
Not Slytherin so must be
The hat yelled which made the twins and rest of Gryffindor stand up and clap.


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