The Catch

"The Catch.' which tells of a longliners son who joins the Royal Navy and takes on the gruelling divers course. once qualified he is sent out on missions during WW2. When the war is over he goes back to studying what he did in College - Marine archaeology. John James Bridgett (Who is my late Grandfather in real life) plays The man who has a quest to find the 24 lost Spanish Galleons off the coast of Dublin. when in 1588 they were chased by Sir Francis Drake and John Hawkins. Violent storms force the Amada onto the rocks and four of the galleons are carrying Gold and precious Jewels. The hunt is on to recover what is said to be worth 50 million. Chuck Henderson an American Oil prospector cheats an old man out of his farm in Texas, knowing there is oil on the 200 acre farmland. he makes a lot of money and becomes a very powerful figure in Texas. He runs for governor and when he wins he has, the police , judiciary, in his pocket and becomes a law unto himself. He pursues and marries Evel


8. 8

“Sorry Brian; I wasn’t trying to be flash or anything mate; it’s just I have money burning a hole in my pocket and who better to spend it on than my friends and family.’

“Thanks Jim we do appreciate you buying us drinks but we are not bums you know.’

“I never said that you were.’

“Just because your accent has changed doesn’t make you better than us you know.’

“Come on lads; I didn’t mean anything by it; look you can get the next ones in.’

“Got you said Brian as he burst out laughing.’

“You little shit said Jimmy, had that been anyone else I would have hung one on his jaw.

“Good job I know you then.’

How is your mother Brian asked Martha?’

She hasn’t been too well Martha; you know since my dad passed away.’

“Tell her my door is always open if she wants’ a chat.’

“She spends most of the day alone so she would appreciate that.’

“I liked Jack Tyson he was a hard working man said Jimmy’s father.’

“Never missed a day’s work you know Bill.’

“I know I saw him every morning on my way to the boat.’

“He was feeding his pigeons when he just dropped down dead.’ It’s hard to believe it’s nearly a year gone now.

“Doesn’t make it any easier Brian said Martha.’

Jimmy picked up his glass and said to Jack rest in peace where ever you may be.’

They all clinked glasses then sipped from them.’

“The singer Mike Hayes came back on and was going through some Frank Sinatra songs.

The audience began to join in to “How about you.’

 Brian went to the bar again as last orders were called and get everyone another drink.

It was eleven o’clock now and Mike Hayes did two more numbers before going off to a round of applause.

“So what are you doing tomorrow asked Keith to Jimmy?’

“I thought dad and I could take the boat out and do a bit of fishing together.’

“Aye that’s a good idea son, I’d like that. We could go about two miles out and fish for codling. I fancy a nice piece of fresh cod said Brian.’

Why don’t you come along then said William; we can long line and you can fish off the other side with a rod and reel using jiggers and feathers.

“Alright then you’re on.’

Six o’clock alright for you both?’

“No bother.’

“See you down at the pier then.’

 I will bring some fresh bread; and I will bring some bacon said Brian.’

We have brown sauce on board so there you go- I have a pound of sausages as well so we are sorted for tomorrow’s breakfast.

“They all left the club and walked towards St Oswin’s Avenue and said good night.’


Jimmy heard his father pulling the chain from the outside toilet as he sat on the edge of the bed in his white coloured underpants that had buttons down the front that could be opened so that he didn’t need to pull them down unless he was doing a number two. Which he knew he would have to do as there was no toilet aboard “The Catch’ and it would be a bucket that they would all have to use. Jimmy didn’t fancy that so he made his way to the toilet with a newspaper just in case there wasn’t any hanging 

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