Out of my Limit {Luke Hemmings ff}

"Whoa, this isn't your apartment!"

"Shush I'm hiding from some people"

"Why in my apartment?"

"They know where i live, aka next door"

Eleanor is a nineteen year old girl, who lives on her own in a shitty apartment. The only thing she could afford, her parents are rich but she doesn't want to ask for money.


10. ten.



its my birthday today! I'm finally twenty I'm almost old enough to drink! well i do that anyways oh well. i got out of Luke bed? oh yeah we had sex last night, I looked down at my body and I'm fully naked. i got up and grabbed my underwear and found Lukes shirt he had on last night. good thing it was big, i walked down stairs, there was balloons all over the ground. i walked in the living room and there was more balloons, there was even a banner saying 'happy birthday'

"who did this?" i asked

"we did" Luke said coming out of the kitchen 

"we? i see one person"

" the guys and i plus the girls" 

"thank you" i said kissing him on the cheek

"do i get some of that to?" Michael asked walking out with Charlie beside him

"Charlie!" i screamed and running towards her " i though you were going to paris"

"nope i can't miss my best friends birthday" she said hugging me "btw you smell like sex" my face turned bright red and so did Lukes "wait are you guys dating?!?" 

"yes" i said looking at him and smiling. 

"why didn't you tell me?!" she said hitting me 

"i don't know it didn't cross my mind. and ouch that fucking hurt"

"everyone go get ready! were going out, including Emma and Angel" Charile yelled Luke and i went to our rooms to shower but he stopped in his tracks.

"can i join you?" he asked, he used his puppy eyes with me, ugh i can't help be give in. his eyes are so beautiful i nodded and he ran to my room and shutting the door shut. and picking me up bridal style and taking me to the bathroom, he helped me get undressed. I'm a big girl i can do it my self but i think he was trying to be romantic. Ten minutes later we get out and get dressed Luke put a button up shirt on with Jeans. Charlie laid a baby blue dress on my bed with my black vans. she knows i won't wear heals. Luke and i walked out of my bedroom and walked towards the living room, there was still balloons on the floor. everyone but charlie was in the living room. she's always taking her time, like five minutes passed and she comes down the stairs with a little box in her hands

"Happy Birthday Eleanor" she said handing me the box i opened it and it was a blue heart necklace

"thank you" i said hugging her 

"lets get going now so she can have a great birthday" charlie said and we all walked out the door. Luke and i took my car with Michael and Charlie, Ashton, Angel, Emma and Calum took Ashtons car. Charlie drove and Luke and i sat in the back, i scooted closer to him.

"i have a surprise for you after Lunch" he whispered i smiled and put my head on his shoulder, it took about thirty minutes to get to the restaurant. we all got out and went in the building, Luke and i were holding hands. we get seated and order our drinks 

~time skip cause lunch is boring~

we drove back to the house and Charlie asked me to go on a little walk with her, she said she had somethings to talk to me about. we walked out and stared walking up the road 

"Eleanor, my parents are making me move to Paris with them" she said all i did was freeze, i don't know what to do, she's my best friend she always has been, ever since i moved here. she can't leave me "they said, i get to go to college there and have a job that pays a lot. I'm sorry El i have to go. i leave in two days"  she finished, I started crying. I run across the street without looking for cars, then I heard someone scream everything went black.


After I told her she ran in the road, she didn't even look for cars, just then speeding car comes down the road and hitting her

"ELEANOR" I screamed I guess Luke and the guys /girls heard me they came running out side and to me. I ran to Eleanor, there was a lot of blood "come on Eleanor wake up! It's all my fault! I'm sorry" I said, Michael picked me up so I was standing next to him. He was hugging me tightly. Some one already called 911 Michael was whispering to me saying it was going to be okay, and she'll make it. I can't loose her, Luke was on the ground with her holding her hand. the Ambulance finally got here and took her to the hospital. we all met at the hospital. 


(sorry it took forever, and sorry its short. wow what a birthday. is Charlie really going to leave now? leave some feedback it makes me happy! see you soon)



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