Out of my Limit {Luke Hemmings ff}

"Whoa, this isn't your apartment!"

"Shush I'm hiding from some people"

"Why in my apartment?"

"They know where i live, aka next door"

Eleanor is a nineteen year old girl, who lives on her own in a shitty apartment. The only thing she could afford, her parents are rich but she doesn't want to ask for money.


9. nine.


i invited Angel over to met the other guys and we get to know each other more. i really like her i can't screw this up. she should be coming over around lunch time.

Calum (sorry for the switch)

Emma said she would come over today just to hang out for a bit. i can't wait, like she looks like fun

~hours later~


we were watching tv when there was a knock at the door, no one bothered to get up so i got up

"alright fine ill get it" i said walking to the door, i opened the door and there was standing two girls, Angel and Emma. 

"oh hi guys I'm guessing they invited you over here" i said pointing to Ashton and Calum 

"Yep" they both said together i let them in and i walked back to the living room 

"Ash, Cal your friends are here" i said siting next to Luke again, he put his arm around me 

"what are we going to do today?" Michael asked 

"truth or dare?" Luke said

"thats fine with me" Angel said 

"same here" Emma said 

"alright then we play truth or dare" Michael said 

"with a little twist, we get drunk" i said 

"we don't have alcohol" Ashton said

"yea we do its just hidden" Calum said "i got bored and looked around the house" he said getting up and walk away he came back with three bottles of Jack Daniels. Everyone drank until they got drunk.

"Michael truth or dare?" Ashton asked


"Run outside naked and scream ' I'm a potato' really loud" Michael gets up and starts to take his clothes off. He put his hand over his penis so no one would see it and he walked to the door. Damn his ass was white he run out the door screaming I'm a potato. I couldn't help but laugh. He comes running back and straight to his clothes. Everyone was laughing

"who's next?" Michael asked leaving his shirt off "um Luke truth or dare?" 

"Dare" Luke said 

"Kiss the hottest person in here" luke looked around 

"i can't kiss myself" he said laughing "but i know who though" he looked at me and kissed me of course i kissed back, it almost turned into a make out session but Calum stopped us "Emma truth or dare?" luke said

"truth" she said 

"have you ever thought about having sex with a sibling or a parent?" 

"ew no thats fucking gross" she said "Eleanor truth or dare?"

"truth" i said

"have you ever cried during an orgasm?" she asked

"no I've never had sex" i emited "but anyways Ashton truth or dare?"


"i dare you to take the person you like, in the back yard and eat her out" i smirked he got up and walked towards Angel he stuck his hand out and she grabbed it they went out back, good thing we have a fence. five minutes later they come back and Angel had the biggest smile on her face. truth or dare lasted for an hour until Luke dared Calum to go have sex with the hottest person in the room and he picked Emma and they went to his room and did that and they never came back down. Luke grabs the bottle of the Jack Daniels and chugs it all, I've been drinking water so I'm kind sober to know how Luke acts when his drunk. Ashton took Angel to his room so they could get some sleep, Michael pasted out on the couch and its just me and Luke,still sitting on the floor. Luke is just staring at me , he won't take his eyes of me 

"you're hot" he said and i smiled


"have you really never had sex?" he asked

"yeah" i said putting my head down, I'm nineteen almost twenty i never really had the time for a boyfriend i was to focused on school and my grades. i had one boyfriend and he cheated on me with the head cheerleader. but i didn't really care cause i knew he was going to do it he was such a fuckboi 

"can i be your first?" he asked starring into my eyes "I'm not that drunk El, i know what I'm saying. I've been drinking water during truth or dare"

"why do you want to be my first?"

"because i really like you" he said 

"lets go then" she said grabbing his hand and leading him to his room

SEX SCENE AHEAD READ AT YOUR OWN RISK third person point of view 

Luke pushed Eleanor onto the bed, Luke pulled Eleanor on top of him where shes straddling him. Luke kissed and suck on Eleanor's neck harshly creating purple marks. She knew if weren't be easy to cover those up. Luke tugged at the hem of Her shirt, hinting he wanted it off. She took her shirt off as Luke did the same. Once they were both shirtless Luke pulled Eleanor down for a passionate kiss. Eleanor began grinding her hips on Luke's Cock. Luke let a moan, she knew he was hard so she kept going. Luke pushed her so she was laying on the bed, he climbed on top of her and started kissing her from top to bottom he stopped right at her pants button. He undid it and slide them off now Eleanor was just in her underwear and bra. She slide her hand down to Luke's pants and unbutton them and he slide them off. Luke started kiss her again while undoing her bra. He took it off and threw it somewhere in the room. He firmly grabbed her boob and played and kiss it he came back to kiss her, he kissed down her chest and down, he got to her underwear and he looked up at her and she nodded, she knew what he meant. He took her underwear Off and slide his fingers In her wet pussy. He only did it for a few minutes he can back up to her 
"Are you sure you want me to?" He asked 
"Yes" she nodded
He took off his boxers, she saw his larger package. She couldn't stop staring at it. 
"You like what you see?" He said chuckling she nodded. He kissed her again. More passionate, he held his dick in his hand while putting it in her. He slowly stuck it in and slowly thrusted so she would get used to it. When she finally got used to it he went faster and faster. He pulled out before he cumed and he cumed all over her stomach
"Sorry" he said
"It's fine" she said 
Luke cleaned up his mess and laid down next to her and kissed her neck. 



​(hey guys sorry it took so long, but i really hoped you enjoyed this chapter. well i did a sex scene, i think i did horrible. what do you guys think of it? please leave feedback, when you do it makes me happy! but see you soon!)


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