Out of my Limit {Luke Hemmings ff}

"Whoa, this isn't your apartment!"

"Shush I'm hiding from some people"

"Why in my apartment?"

"They know where i live, aka next door"

Eleanor is a nineteen year old girl, who lives on her own in a shitty apartment. The only thing she could afford, her parents are rich but she doesn't want to ask for money.


8. eight.


i woke up in my own bed. i thought i was with Luke and the guys last night, well i guess Luke put me in here. thats sweet for him to do. i got up and headed for the kitchen for some breakfast, then i remembered we didn't get any food yesterday, well ill go get breakfast for them. i walked out of the kitchen and saw Calum walking down the stairs 

"good morning" he said 

"good morning, by any chance would you like to go out for breakfast?" i asked 

"yeah thats fine, ill wake up the others and tell them to get ready, where we going?"

"not sure yet and okay ill get Luke" i walked in Lukes room and he wasn't in his bed, i heard water running i guess he's in the shower ill just wait on his bed. couple minutes later he comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist 

"hey what are you doing in here?" he asked 

"were going out for breakfast" i said 

"Eleanor?" he asked getting a little closer 


"can i uh kiss you?" he said getting closer now were inches away 

"yes you don't have to as-" he cut m off by kissing me, the kiss got heated fast, he laid me down on his bed and kissed down my neck. he found my sweet spot and left a love mark on it so he'll find it later. he pulled on my shirt wanting me to take it off. and so i did, he went down my stomach all the way back up to my lips. he tugged on my pants. 

"hey Luke can i" what sounded like michael said "oh never mind ill ask later" he said leaving 

"i forgot about the door" Luke said laughing 

"yeah well i gotta get ready, it had to stop. even though i didn't want it to" i said getting up an grabbing my shirt "ill see you in a bit" i said walking out and into my room and shutting the door, i looked through my closet since there some clothes in it. i found a green day shirt and a pair of jeans and my converse, i got dressed and put my hair in a pony tail, I'm too lazy to do something with it. i walked out to see everyone ready

"you take forever" Ashton said 

"i took about ten minutes" i said 

"whatever lets go I'm starving" Luke said grabbing hand i grabbed my keys my car can fix all of us wow. I'm driving Luke is next to me and the guys are in the back, we drove and drove until we all agreed on McDonalds. we got out of the car. Luke and i were holding hands, we got inside. and we all ordered. Calum and I stayed to get our food, some girl walked in and Calum was drooling over her, jeez not again. 


she's wearing a liver pool jersey, she has brown hair and brown eyes. basically the girls of my dreams

"should i talk to her?" i asked 

"yes, have some balls and talk to her" Eleanor said pushing me towards her i walked over to her come on Calum you can do it

"Hi, i'm Calum" i said and her turning around she smiled 

"I'm Emma" she said smiling at me 

"Cal come on we gotta give the food to the guys" Eleanor said 

"you should listen to your girlfriend" she sounded sad

"she's not my girlfriend, she dating my best friend"

"oh, well heres my number if you want to hang out anytime soon" she said smiling 

"thanks" i said smiling, i walked to the table were sitting at with a huge smile on my face 

"what got you so happy?" Michael asked

"i got a girls number"


well Calum is happy he got a girls number. we finished and headed home. for the rest of the day we just chilled and watched movies all day. i almost forgot my birthday is in two days i can't wait to turn twenty.


(i hope you enjoyed this chapter, i know i said in chapter seven her birthday is in two days but her birthday is going to be in the tenth chapter, i got something planned for the ninth chapter. thanks for reading! leave some feedback!!)

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