Final Glory

A kid is thrown into a world of chaos and destruction, which side will win him first?


1. Kan.

   Now that I look back on it, my life was pretty good back then. The town was nice, lovely in fact. Not the bloody war ground it is now; all because of me, and the gift that my parents gave me before they died...

   "Kan, its time to go you lazy git!" The man raced up the stairs, banging on a dark wooden door. "Hey, its time to go!" A boy opens the door, he has dark brown hair and is fairly tall. He squints his hazel eyes as the light from the window hits his face, he is wearing a a black hoodie and blue jeans. The door swings open hitting the man in the face with the back of it. "Lay off me dad, I had stuff to do." He replies miserably.                                                                                        

   "Lay off? We have to get going or its your mum that you are gonna have to worry about." He rubs his now red nose, looking up to see his son, now taller then him. A smile spreads across his cheeks as he begins to run down the stairs and out the door. "D-dad wait for me!" The boy runs out, and hastily jumps into the car. His mum there waiting in the drivers seat, roughly about 5 months pregnant with a baby girl, her hair is in a bob and she is wearing a nice summer dress. He see's his dad is in the car, hastily getting his seat belt on. "C'mon Kan, cheer up, we won't be there for long, we just have to do some business there. And after the house party incident we can't leave you alone at the house." Kan snarls and looks out the window, remembering how smashed he got that night, he goes to speak but is cut off by his mum.

   "Don't start you two, this is something that we need to do." The dad goes to speak but is cut off by the mum again. "And before you say it, no, I'm fine to drive. After all I'm the only one who can due to your ankle injury." He also makes a snarling noise and looks out the window. The cars engine turns on and they set off to their destination. Kan's eyes clamp shut, sleeping most the way.

Kan's eyes burst open as the car swerves out of control, his mum fainted at the wheel, his dad reaches over, trying to grab it but he can't get to the pedal or the wheel. The car, seeming like it was pulled off the ground somewhat flies into a wall, his mother being limp as a rag doll, blood leaking from her eyes and nose. "Kan! Get out and run, run for the hills get help, now!" His dad screams as he yanks his broken arm out of his way and tries to open the smashed door.
  "D-dad whats going on! Why are we- what's mu-" He is cut off by his dad screaming in a almost inhuman voice.

   "Go now!" Kan leaps out the car, running back to the town, when he hears an explosion, he turns around to see a pillar of smoke rising from where they were. Expression wipes away from his face as he falls to his knees. Not knowing what to do, he falls to the ground, his body limp.

   He wakes up in a cramped white room, medical equipment attached to him all over. He sits up frantically, his eyes darting in all directions, trying to figure out whats going on. A Nurse rushes over to him, pushing him down telling him not to move while a tall man walks in, a brown old fashioned suit on, hunching over. Stroking his straggly beard as he speaks calmly. "Calm down Kan, we don't want you to hurt yourself after what you have been through." Kan looks at him, a mix of frustration and fear in his eyes.

   "The f*ck are you?" He snarls.
   The man replies bitterly, "I'm your uncle, and starting from today, you have been adopted by me. Your parents died Kan, you're the only survivor. My name is Sin, now we need to move, the hospital have already checked you out." Kan's face darkens, tears welling in his eyes. He goes to mutter something but is cut off instantly by Sin. "Crying only lowers peoples views of you, if I ever see you cry again, I'll beat you senseless, if you even think for a moment that you are worse off then anyone else th-" The nurses give him shocked looks as a hand pats down on Sin's shoulder, stopping him in his tracks. A voice speaks in a very american accent.

   "C'mon now Sin, cut the boy some slack, besides, the taxis leaving." Sins face darkens as he begins to walk again, he leaves the building and disappears into the back of a taxi, leaving Kan and the mystery man alone after the nurses leave. "Kid, drink the drink on yer table, it will ease the pain... Meet us outside as soon as possible..." He walks out, coughing as he does. Kan's sits up slowly trying to process what the f*ck just happened. He stands up, not knowing why and drinks the drink. His mind goes blurry as his body seems to limply move itself to the taxi. He gets in and sits inside, the weird man in the passenger seat and Sin in the seat next to his, he gets in and passes out, exhausted.

   As the car halts Kan is sent forwards, hitting his head on the back of the seat. He makes an odd, growling like noise as he pulls himself up, looking out the window to see a large gate, with the letter M engraved in the two pillars by the side of it. "The f*ck is this place?" He says while rubbing his eyes.
   "That's my house you delinquent." He looks over towards Kan, the bags under his eyes now darker, like it had been a day or two without sleep. "Wha- But literally all of our family is shit poor, right...? Right?!" He says, his eyes widening in shock, purely from the fact that he had a rich uncle. Sin ignores him and gets out the car, the gates opening as he does, a robotic voice speaking out from one of the speakers engraved in the limestone pillars.

   "Welcome home master Sin, Master Kan." Sin ignores it, walking onto a path leading to a Victorian looking mansion, he turns around slightly to face Kan.
   "Hurry up and get out of the car, you pest." Kan hops out of the car in awe at the mansion that until now, he hadn't actually noticed.
   "F*ck me in the ass..." He says in a surprised tone as he scratches the back of his neck, realising this is where he lives now. Giving him a sense of déjà vu, like something bad happened recently. He shrugs his shoulders and follows his uncle down the long path, surrounded by all kinds of flowers, noticing a large wall around the estate, just large enough to keep people out. "Talk about a Trump supporter..." Sin looks around, an angry look on his face, before looking away, arriving at the door of the mansion. It's a large door, easily twice the height of Sin, its dark brown, varnished wood, with a cast iron ring for a handle. He yanks it open, walking inside hastily and begins striding up the stairs, looking back at Kan for a few seconds. "Kan, your room is on the second floor to the left and the fifth one down, don't go into any rooms marked with a red "X" or into my study. Find everything else yourself. Dinner is at 6 o'clock every weekday and on weekends I'm not here.

   The mansion is huge, a sprawling series of corridors, full of doors, dozens upon dozens of rooms, though almost all of them are marked with large red X, just as Sin said there would be, and even then, then few doors that aren't marked look like they haven't been opened in years, a fine coating of dust covering the house no matter where you go, befitting it's age. On the second floor is Sin's study, marked by an engraved brass plaque over the door. On the ground floor is likely the only modern renovation to the building, which is the kitchen. Shining linoleum floors and new electric cookers, the fridges and cupboards fully stocked with food of all sorts.
   The estate itself is built upon a hill at the edge of town, a weather worn brick wall surrounding the mansion and it's expansive, albeit neglected gardens. The town is a sweet little place, a peaceful countryside village, likely with only a population of a few hundred at most, though from the mansion, there is one glaring eyesore, a rather macabre one at that. A cemetery, now sealed off from the public, a mass grave at one point. Simply looking over to it seems to dim the skies themselves, if only for a moment.


   He is lost in the moment as he hears a loud doorbell ring. Kan frantically runs downstairs and opens up the door. A fairly small girl, a summer dress on. She is holding a large cardboard box, she blushes as Kan opens the door. "Um is old man Sin here? He wanted m-mum to drop these off but she's ill..." She speaks in a high pitched, almost outright annoying voice.
   "Oh, he is in his study right now, why don't you come on in and I'll go get him." He says as he yanks the door open further, turning and running up the stairs.
    "T-thank you!" She hesitantly  comes in, sitting on the stairs, waiting for him to return. Kan hurries to where the study is and yanks on the door, the handle not moving at all. The door seeming like its frozen in time, unmoveable.        "This piece of shit wont bu-" he is interrupted by a dull voice.
   "I said not to go into my study, twerp." Kan turns around to see him eating a radish, just a raw radish.
   "You get weirder everyday... Err, anyway, some chick's downstairs asking for ya." He raises an eyebrow and shrugs. He walks downstairs with Kan to the front door.
   "Oh, hello Mr. Sin! Mother wanted me to deliver these to you!" She hands him the box confidently.
    "Ah, lovely, thank you, Lizzie. Tell your mother that it was successful, please." Their faces both darken as he says this, Lizzie looking at Kan out of the corner of her eye. Before she smiles and calmly says,
    "Yeah, I will, take care of yourselves." she turns to the door and starts to walk away. As she does, Kan spots a tiny bracelet on the floor, a gorgeous one, a gleaming gold bangle, engraved and studded with diamonds. 
   "Hey, Lizzie, you dropped this!" Kan goes running after her, turning around to face Sin. "I gotta go give this back to her, I'll be back before six!" He runs after her, not waiting for a reply.
   "She comes here every da- N'aww never mind..." He puts the box on the table in the dining room. "What goodies are in here today...?" He opens the box to see a few radishes and other vegetables, but an odd scent floats out of the box as well. The scent of gunpowder... Followed by a large boom, the sound, somehow kept withing the walls of the mansion...


   Kan hurries after her, almost tripping over various bricks intruding the path. He catches sight of her leaving the gate and yells, "Hey, Lizzie! You dropped  your bracelet!" She turns around, a sense of fear in her eyes as she spots him, She jolts around and begins to run towards the cemetery. "Why the hell is she going there?! Lizzie wait!" He picks up speed, gaining on Lizzie, getting directly behind her. Kans stomach turns as she accelerates, going faster then before, much faster. "What the hell?! Liz, wait!" She jumps the wall to the cemetery, giving Kan a sight to remember.

   He scrabbles over the wall, picking himself up as he falls off the top of it. He looks up after brushing himself off, Liz stood there, staring at him. With cold black eyes, her head begins to twitch as she begins to choke. Her eyes beginning to bleed as they turn into some sort of mist that floats behind her, taking a rough figure of a human. "What the..." He tries to run but his body, just, won't, move, his legs frozen on the spot, his feet like blocks of stone.

   The mist solidifies more and more, becoming darker, pulling and moulding sharply into the shape of a human. As Liz's eyes just disappear, she tumbles to the ground in front of Kan. "L-Liz, why can't I move!?" His eyes widen, almost puking simply from pure fear. "Dammit!" He grabs Liz and throws her over his shoulder and stumbles towards the church. The creature now rotating its neck to look at them, its figure now solidifying into a proper human shape. Kan smashes the door open, the old church door nearly falling off its hinges. As Kan puts Liz down and looks back towards the door to shut it, he see's it in its full glory. A tall, easily seven foot high, Goliath of a beast, raven black in colour, with a large eye taking up the entire space of its forehead.

   The eye is bloodshot and the iris is a deep crimson. Tentacles erupt from its back, ripping through the nearby gravestones like they were made of paper, a cloud of shattered stone forming around it, drawing into it in a mini-whirlpool, the beast just consuming it. Kan stared on in horror, slamming the door and moving whatever he could in front of it. Looking to Liz, who is slumped in the corner unconscious, her eyes completely gone, surprisingly not bleeding, like they were never there in the first place.

   A loud bang on the door sweeps through the room, a tentacle tearing a large hole in it. It flails around aimlessly for a few seconds before swiping the blockade away from the door. "Shit!" he grabs a brick and get ready to throw it with all his might as soon as the creature appears. It opens the door slowly with its tentacle, it standing there, a wicked smile across its face, a full mouth of gleaming white teeth, a stark contrast to the mass of writing shadows that makes up it's body. The monster speaks out in a shrill, static tone, "Your time runs short, but our time extends..." It begins to stride towards Kan, each step making Kans heart skip a beat.

   It lashes out with a tentacle to his right, hitting Kan in the ribs, a sound like thunder reverberating through the dilapidated hall as he goes flying into the wall. With his ribs shattered he lies there, barely keeping conscious. He attempts to cry out, struggling to just let the word, "Help...", Burn through the punctured vessels that were his lungs. He coughs up blood into a little pool on the floor, the smile on the creatures face only growing into an ear-to-ear grin.

   The beast slowly reaches its tentacles, wrapping up both Kan and Liz, constricting them tightly, his other ones forming behind him into an oval shape, a black void opening between them, a gateway one's purest nightmares. "It's time for your departure, my Ki-", then, suddenly, a blue bullet pierces through the tentacles, making them simply erupt into dust, the creature loosing focus and the portal closing. It frantically lunges a tentacle at Kan, but a figure steps in front of him, holding up what looked like a see through an ethereal, ghostly blue .44 Magnum.

   The tentacle slides off the pistol and into a wall while the figure figure raises its gun to the creatures eye level and fires again and again, its head exploding into a fine black dust like the tentacles did, but the body still remains.

   "Don't you ever brake my rules again, boy..." A familiar voice speaks out...


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