My mind is a mess. I'm stuck inside my own thoughts, walking around trying to find a way out, but as it seems most impossible and hopeless. He comes.


1. A rainy day


Thunder, rain and wind. What an amazing combination. The loud thunder who tell people that the storm is near, and make them run away to find a hideout. The rain who wash away the sins of the human existence, and the wind. The wonderful cold that comes when it kisses your cheek. The wind that'll whisper in the ears of the people who'll listen, to it's beautiful song.


It rains outside. I sit in the class 2-3,  at 12 Am, wondering if the others in here loves the incoming storm, as much as i do. Probably not. Like these bunch of fools, would ever understand. I look out the window, trying to count the drops that falls on the glass. One, two, three, four. The sounds of them falling reminds me of a heartbeat. Another song, from another place than this. A place where everything is like the fairy tales, my mother used to tell me about at bedtime. Now am i only allowed to read lecture books, and serious novels, but I don't care about how to use algebra neither how Romeo and Juliet loved each other. I want to read about places with dragons and magic. I'd wish it was me who lived in those stories.

“Miss Hunt. Will you please pay attention to the lecture? Or do you need another detention!?” Almost as if someone had stabbed a knife into my chest, i got pulled back into the class from my thoughts. “Yes Miss. I am truly sorry, it won’t be necessary with another detention, thank you.” As if, even a thousand detentions, wouldn’t keep me away from my wonderland of thoughts. “Very well then, but if you keep flowin-..” A knock makes a loud sound in the class, as if we all were empty and gone. When the door opened, you could hear how old and rusty it was, with it’s “kniiiiiiiiiir” What a drag this place is. Even at the smallest places you’ll be able to find something old and depressing. “I am sorry Miss Lilly, but there’s a new student here, who claims he’s supposed to start in your class today, is that right?” The boy stands next to our principle, he’s almost as tall as him, maybe only some inches shorter. He looks very distance, with his face turning to the window. His blonde hair covers the half of his face, but there’s no doubt about that he’s a very beautiful guy. I look behind me, i can already see how the girls sighs after him. What a drag. I turn my head back to the catheter as I look into the new guys eyes. They’re green, but not a normal green. It’s like they have an entire galaxy inside them, I almost can’t turn my eyes away, but I managed as the teacher and principal pulled the boy out of the class.

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