My mind is a mess. I'm stuck inside my own thoughts, walking around trying to find a way out, but as it seems most impossible and hopeless. He comes.


3. A rainy day - Part 3

Riiiiiing, riiiing” Finally, I almost thought this lecture would never end.”Thanks for today everybody, I’ll see you all tomorrow and remember to do your homeworks.” Homeworks, why do we have to make them, they don’t help me. I could as well look at a wall for hours and it would do the exact same thing for me, and that is repeating itself. “Come on Storm, we gotta be the first in line if we want the good food!” Baker, how I hate that guy, he can’t do anything else than eat and scream, no wonder that his girlfriend left him some days ago. “Go ahead I have some stuff to do here before I go” Storms voice, it almost sounds like a song, like an instrument. How beautiful. “Well that’s your choice! cya!”Always screaming. Typically Baker. I look down to reach for my lunch. We may usually not eat in our classroom, but the teachers got so tired of me getting in trouble with the other children that they made an excuse. I am such a bother, aren’t i? “Um, hey. You’re Hunt, right?” As soon as he spoke to me i saw that we’re all alone in the class and he’s standing in front of my desk, just waiting, waiting for me to answer. Oh god what do i say, what do people actually talk about, i don’t know, oh my god! “Uh, um y-yeah that’s me..” I look down, I know that if I look up at him I’ll just get lost once again. “I’m Christopher Storm, but you can just call me Christopher, if you want to” I take a risk and look at him, he doesn’t look like he’s being sarcastic, actually he looks very shy and awkward like me. He has a weak, but friendly smile on his face, even though he looks out of the window. W-what, he’s blushing?”I’m sorry, but we don’t normally call people by their first name here, so I can’t allow myself to do that” He looks at me, a little disappointed. OH GOD WHY DID I SAY THAT, OH GOD. But, then, then he smiles! “You really are something different, aren’t  you Victoria Hunt.” Huh, h-how does he know my name? I’ve never told anyone! He begins to walk away towards the door. “H-hey, how do you know my first name!? I’ve never told it to anyone!” He stands close to the door, with his hands in his pockets, looking up at the roof as if he could look right through it and up to the sky. “I just kinda do.” He finish, and leaves me back in the class with a thousand questions, but I’m only able to sit down and eat my lunch, as I wonder.

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