My mind is a mess. I'm stuck inside my own thoughts, walking around trying to find a way out, but as it seems most impossible and hopeless. He comes.


2. A rainy day - Part 2


Some minutes later, did they all three come back into the class, while they were gone everybody have been walking around, and talking as usual. I’d been sitting on my chair the whole time, I have nothing to talk with anybody about anyway. “Everybody take your seat and welcome our new student Christopher Storm.” Christopher Storm, it fits him very well. “You may take a seat next to Mr. Elkins. Elkins I expect you to show him around the school and help him through the first week's” Storm doesn’t even seems bothered by standing in front of all of us even though we’re all just looking at him, do he not care about it? “Of course Miss Lilly!” Psh, Elkins. The teachers goody-two-shoes. He always do his homework, pays attention to the class and never disobey, but even though he cares so much about school, he’s still very popular, I guess I’m just jealous of him. Everything seems so easy to him, whatsoever. I’ve never been good with people, I always make it awkward or scare them away. Maybe it’s my face, I’ve heard how people talk about me when they think I’m not around “She’s so weird, always quiet and distant” “Her eyes looks so dead, it’s almost impossible to look at her” As it goes on, but I’ve learned to live with it. I can’t change their opinion and i won’t try to neither.


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