When Predators Become Prey

The dead have begun to rise as mindless zombies but there is something different about these ones. They remember the ones that killed them. The undead horde has begun to move. They will spread their curse until they find the ones responsible for their deaths. The Creepypastas are no longer the predators of this world. Now they are the prey. They just don't know it yet.

Cover Art By http://www.movellas.com/user/201411151558064617 (KuraiSenshi)


2. The First Night

"Go to SLEEP!"

With one quick motion the bloody knife was plunged into the heart of the struggling woman causing her struggling body to fall still. As the knife was pulled from the woman's lifeless corpse a sickening laughter sounded from the dark figure that stood above the body of his latest victim. Leathery white skin, greasy black hair, cold and lifeless eyes, and a permanent smile cut into his cheeks. The demon known as Jeff the Killer had just begun his murder spree for the night and he was itching to kill.

His bloody smile widened as he started to carve a permanent smile into the woman's corpse with his bloody knife. He was very precise with his cuts. After all, an artist has to be careful when creating a masterpiece. Once he had finished with his gruesome work Jeff chuckled and said, "There we go. Now you can forever be as beautiful as me."

Jeff continued his demented chuckle as he stood up and started to make his way to the window. He had already killed the rest of the house hold so he had no reason to stick around. However, something was off. The feeling started to tingle. It wasn't like normal. No. It was different this time. Jeff turned around looking for anything that could be causing this disturbance. It was then that the feeling exploded inside Jeff like a blaring siren warning him.

Jeff turned around just in time to see black smoke shatter the glass window and force itself into the room. Jeff watched cautiously as the black smoke forced itself down the throat of his victim. It wasn't just that though. The smoke then split off and swung open the door before seeking out the other members of the house hold that Jeff had murdered.

After a few minutes Jeff saw something that made him begin to let out a demented laugh. The woman's corpse started to move. It slowly began to stand before facing Jeff and let out a low growl. Jeff continued to laugh uncontrollably as the corpse stretched out its arms and started to slowly move itself towards him.

"This is the first time one of my victims have personally come back to life just to thank me. Well you are quite welcome but unfortunately I can't make you any more beautiful than you are right now so now you need to just lay back and go to sleep one more time!"

Just as the corpse got within arms length Jeff lunged at his newly risen playmate and stabbed her right between the eyes. Jeff started to cackle and said, "I've seen enough zombie movies to know how to kill you but thank you. You were so fun to play with."

Jeff then heard a low moan and the sound of shuffling feet causing him to look up and see four more zombies making their way towards him. Jeff couldn't help but continue laughing as he said, "The zombie apocalypse has begun has it? Oh this will be fun. I guess now I'll have to make sure you all permanently go to SLEEP!"

The slow moving zombies didn't stand a chance. Jeff quickly ran to them and forced his knife into their skulls causing blood and brain juice to flow out of the freshly killed corpses. As Jeff leaped out of the window the feeling began acting up again. Now it started guiding Jeff somewhere. Jeff never questioned the feeling before but he did wonder sometimes. Like now. Where could the feeling be taking him this time? Fortunately, Jeff didn't have to wonder for long. His insanity wouldn't let him. He obeyed the feeling and unknown to Jeff, he would need the feeling more than ever in the coming days.

In another place at the same time someone else was having their nightly dose of murder and they were also about to discover that the world was starting to change in very dark way.


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