Like siblings

"Come on, get up, we'll walk you in," four little boys tugged on my new school uniform.
I stopped hugging my mother's right leg and wiped my tears away.


3. New School


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing. I rubbed my eyes due to the sudden burst of light. It was my first day in my new school and I don't think I'm ready for this. I did my normal morning routine and i out on my new school uniform, it looked alright. Mommy had prepared my school supplies and she was going to bring me to school. I munched down onto my waffles with berries and maple syrup, yum. 

"I don't think I'm ready for this,"I told mommy with a mouthful of pancake. I didn't think that I would feel nervous or even scared when it comes to meeting new people. This time, it is different. 

"Come on darling, you would definitely meet new friends. Furthermore, you're never the type to not talk to anyone." Mommy gave me an encouraging smile which made me feel much better. 

I finished eating my pancakes after a few minutes and I put on a new pair of shiny black sandals. 

Mommy put a little bit of vanilla scented cream behind my ears. We then walked to school, holding each other's hands.

We reached my new school in five minutes and I had a weird tugging sensation in my stomach. Mommy gave me a comforting smile as we stopped outside school. Mommy patted my head as she left me outside school. The tugging sensation became worse as Mommy tuned to walk home. Before i knew it, I broke into a run towards Mommy with tears streaming down my face.

"Why are you crying dear?" Mommy asked me with a worried look on her face.

"I-I don't wan...wanna...go-go to school. I'm-I'm scared," I whimpered

"I have to go get groceries if not you won't have dinner today darling. Furthermore, you're the brightest and bravest kid in the whole wide world. You can do it!" Mommy smiled

"NO I'M SCARED MOMMY, WANNA GO HOME!" I hugged Mommy's right leg very tightly and sobbed.

"Come on, get up, we'll walk you in,"four little boys tugged on my new school uniform. 

I stopped hugging my mother's right leg and wiped my tears away.
























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