The One Who Got Away

Kylie is just a normal teenager. She has normal problems and a normal life. Or does she? Kylie moves to London and when she does, her life changes and in risk. Can Kylie save herself and those she loves?


1. Just A normal girl

Kylie lived in London. She had just moved there a couple of days ago. Her mother had made her move so she could get a better job. " Mum I want to go back home" whinged Kylie. " This is home now" her mother responded. Even though deep down they both knew this would never be home. Her Father had left when Kylie was just a little girl. So the only one that would be able to talk some sense into her was Kylie. Although she wouldn't listen to her Kylie wouldn't give up. She had already promised her friends that she would try and move back. Her mum wasn't having any of it. " I've told you a million times Kylie we are not moving back" her mother explained firmly. Kylie said nothing there was a look of despair in her eyes. Her and her mother had always agreed. So she was shocked by response, her eyes filled up with tears and she ran up to her bedroom. She just doesn't understand Kylie thought. She doesn't know what this is like for me. All of a sudden she heard a knock on the door. " Kylie open up" mum said with her usual soft voice. When Kylie heard this the conversation they had earlier replayed in her mind "come in" Kyle said in between sobs. Her mother came in and sat on her bed. " I'm sorry baby we just can't move back because I've got a job now." Kylie was still in tears and couldn't stop. "How do you expect me to fit i her mum? Im not a London girl and neither are you" She said. Her mother nodded her head in agreement " you could at least try though this is just as hard for me as it is for you" her mother explained. She gave her mother the " really and don't believe you look". Her mother knew straight away " It really is" her mother said with a tone of guilt in her voice. They left it at that and went to bed. Kylie didn't sleep that night she tossed and turned wondering what her new school would be like. " Kylie" her mother yelled up the stairs. Kylie came down and toast and a cup of tea was on the table. " I'm not 5 you know" Kylie pointed out. Her mother rolled her eyes and carried on with her breakfast. She ate her food as quick as she could ran upstairs and shoved on her school uniform. She was excited but also extremely nervous. Her mother dropped her to school. Kylie cautiously stepped into the school. Noone seemed to know she xisted until she heard a whisper "She's the Welsh girl". Kylie was furious. " Yes i'm Welsh you got a problem." The girls shook their heads terrified.

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