other side of the screen

ella a 18 year old girl, alex a 18 year old boy,
they are perfect for each other but they can't meet in person,
something stops them from meeting each other but little do they and the thing know it's bringing them closer to one another~


5. chapter five - is this goodbye forever...

play sad piano music to get the feeling of the story if you want.

-Ell@ logged on-

-alex11 logged on-

Ell@- hey...

alex11- hi...

Ell@- please tell me your not dying... those words you told me that day haunt me and wakes me up at night.. I can't bare you dying!

alex11- i know I'm sorry but.... i am and there is no cure...

Ell@- I'm coming to new york what hospital are you at...

alex11- no i wont let you see me like this!

Ell@- no I'm coming and I'm not changing my mind!


Ell@- oh... okay fine talk to you soon

alex11- no ella don't you leave I'm sorry don't leave me!

- Ell@ left-


-alex11 left- 

this part of the story is in ella's eyes

I run to my car and drive to the airport buying a ticket to new york which is tomorrow. I spend the night in my car and the next day my mom takes my car to her house and i get on the plane. His mom told me which hospital he is in and put the location in my phone. Alex's words stab me over and over again until i put my headphones on and listen to some music to get my mind off of him until i get there. a few hours later i land in new york and i take a cab to the hospital, once i walked in i asked for his room and the lady at the desk gladly told me. i knock on the door and his mother opens it, tears ran down her face like a river, i slowly walk around the wall blocking it from the window door and seeing a nightmare in real life. tubes attached to his body and something attached to his mouth helping him breath. he was asleep so he didn't see me. "o-oh god..." i say before a ocean runs down my face. I take his hand waking him up."I had to come... i wanted to see you badly... I'm sorry i didn't listen to you..." I say trying to hide my shaking voice. he weakly brings one hand to my cheek and the other holding my hand. I stayed there for a half an hour then left. the next day his mother texts me on his account...

-alex11 logged on-

-Ell@ logged on-

alex11- hello ella... im sad to say and im sorry i know this will hurt you but... alex died last night...

Ell@-thank you for telling me... i need to go..

-Ell@ left-

-alex11 left-

this is in ella's eyes

I locked my self in my room with the shades down and the only light i had was on my phone next to me waiting for him to tell me its a joke since thats all i want to see from him...'i love you... for ever and always...' the words he said to me echo in my head making me cry like a baby losing it's candy..."forever...and always..."I whisper to my self and i hug my pillow tight as my eats wet it. the next day i could not breath and my mother brings me to the hospital right away. my lungs didn't get the air i breathed and in my hospital bed.... i saw alex holding out his hand and i take it leaving earth and going to a light and soft land... heaven... "Alex!!" i scream running into his warm arms loving every second of this and happy to be with him and my grand mother. this isn't a happy ending for most but for me... this is a wish came true, 1meting my first love,2 meeting him every month,3 dying with him...

the end~

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