I Prefer The Drummer

Cassidy Baker forces Ally Star, to go see 5 Seconds of Summer. Ally never real has been a big fan and she only knows a few songs, "She Looks So Perfect," "Don't Stop" and "Amnesia." But what happens when after the show, Ally meets Ashton and they start to fall of each other? All Original!!!


3. 3

"That was freaking amazing!!" She yelled

"Oh my gosh, yes! Ashton was adorable." I know she is a Luke girl but she likes them all.

"I know right! Let's go meet them! Ahh, this is going to be lots of fun!" We ran backstage and got into a decent sized line all screaming for their attention but they were not even out yet. A sign said 20 minutes until they came out. 

"Thanks for taking me tonight." 

"Absolutely. Thanks for coming. See you're glad I begged you to come."

"Yeah, just a little. It didn't look like that when you were singing along and dancing." She laughed.

"I couldn't help myself! They are actually pretty good!" I said a little shocked myself.

"I told you but noooo." She said dragging out the Os, with raised eyebrows. We both laughed. We waited in line to meet the boys. 

After 2 hoyrsnor so wenwere next.

I walked up to Ashton. "Hey beautiful, what's your name?" He asked.

I blushed and looked at the ground. "Thank you, my name is Ally. That's Cassidy." She was crying and hugging Luke. 

"Ah, okay." We took a picture. "Hey, why dont you go with a security guard? We can hang out once I'm done." 

"Uh. I have to go with Cassidy, sorry."

"She can go as well." 

"Oh. Alright, thank you."

"Anytime." He winked. I got Cassidy and we walked upnto a security guard but he checked with Ashton first. 

We went to wait inside a dressing room. After another hour ey all walked in.

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