sisters forever

"You never listen to me!" "Because I don't want too!!!" "Your just like mom and dad, you're never there for me!" Parents are never really there for their kids, what we don't know is how we care for each other as sisters.


1. characters information

Elexis Summers

original hair color: hazelnut brown

eye color: green

personality: Likes to skateboard, Tomboy, Lowkey emo

dislikes: Spiders, Anything too pink, Ocean

Erika summers

original hair color: hazelnut brown

eye color: green

personality: loves shopping, loves pink, adores children and animals

dislikes: hates being alone, hates clowns, hates yellow and orange

Bridget summers (mother)

hair color: hazelnut blonde

eye color: green

personality: workaholic, loves animals and children, likes any color, loves cooking

dislikes: hates the cold, hates scary movies

james summers (father)

original hair color: dark brown

eye color: brown

personality: loves animals and children, loves horror movies, likes skateboarding 

dislikes: spiders, loud music, hates fish

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