sisters forever

"You never listen to me!"
"Because I don't want too!!!"
"Your just like mom and dad, you're never there for me!"

Parents are never really there for their kids, what we don't know is how we care for each other as sisters.


2. Chapter 1: Taken for Granted

Erika's p.o.v.

It was the middle of December and I was calling my best friend named Regina, while my sisters was watching some lame show. Our parents never have time for us because they are workaholics, and they always come home in the middle of the night. I really never care what they do as long i'm being well treated as in spoiled. Later on today i'm  going over to Reginas' house for her birthday party. 

Elixis' p.o.v.

  I was sitting in my room, drawing a skull when my phone rang. I groaned and reached towards my desk to get my phone. My phone continued to ring as I looked at the caller id, it read 'Mum is calling'. I answered the phone. "Hello? Elixis your father and I are going to be home late. There is food in the fridge. Don't forget to tell your sister. We love you two. Bye." She hung up. Its not the first time they've done this. Hell, they've done this on my fucking birthday! Oh well, the past is in the past. I rolled my eyes and continued on my drawing.



Erika's p.o.v.

Moments later, I went to Reginas' house and by my surprise she was out shopping, perfect. I started putting up the decorations and her mom was helping me of course. Everything I could imagine was absolutely pretty in pink! I can't wait to see Reginas reaction, she will be so thrilled. After picking out what the guess are going to eat, I started to text Regina. Soon, the party will start in a hour and I have plenty of time to get dress. I'm wearing a dark pink skirt, black crop-top and black pumps. I curled my hair half up and half down and put on mascara and glossy pink lipstick. This is going to be amazingly pink!

Elixis' p.o.v.

  I heard the door close as I stood up. "Fuck!" I yelled. I had forgotten to tell Erika about mom and dad. Whatever I guess i'll just text her.

Elixis: Hey, Mum and dad aren't gonna b home till' like 12 or something.

Erika: whatevs

  I turned my phone off and put my skull drawing in a folder. Maybe i'll just sleep to pass time. I lied down and fell asleep instantly. 

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