Haro Woods

Colette gets dared to go into the woods in her small town and stay in there for an hour. It wouldn't been so bad if it wasn't for the odd sounds and no light in there.

While inside Colette gets attacked by some strange huge animal an passes out. She wakes up in an unfamiliar place in new clothes an all alone.

Where is she and what happen to her?


1. Prologue

The door creaks open and Colette looks over from her seat on her bed. Her grandmother comes through the door and takes a seat next to her on her bed.

"Alright are you all ready for bed little one" She asks her granddaughter.

Colette nods her head. "I brushed my teeth and put on my pjs on" she tells her while showing off the clothes that she is wearing.

"Alright let's get you into bed so you can go to sleep." She pulls back the covers so that the young girl can lay underneath them.

"Grandma will you tell me a story" Colette asks while her grandmother tucks her blanket in around her.

"I dunno all of my stories are a bit scary for you little one."

Colette huffs and crosses her arms across her chest. "I'm a big girl grandma I can handle it" she says trying to convince her.

She looks down at her granddaughter and sees nothing but determination on her face.

"Fine get comfy and I will tell you the story about the Haro Woods"

Colette grabs her favorite stuffed animal of a penguin and cradles it against her chest. After she shuffles around for a few seconds she finally settles into one place.

"Alright I'm ready" Her grandmother leans back against the head board and begins to tell the story.

"A long long time ago there was a man-"

"How long is a long time?" Colette asks curiously. Her grandmother gives her a playful glare.

"Do you want to listen to the story or should I just not tell you?" She asks the curious little girl.

"Okay okay I will be be quiet I'm sorry"

"It's ok little one. But to answer your question it was so long ago that it was before you or I was born." Colette looks up at her grandmother with shock.

It was really long ago if it happened before her grandma was born. She's really old.

"Anyways back to the story. Once there was a man who lived in the woods. He was out hunting for some food one day when he heard some strange noises. He realized that there was an animal out there so he decided to go back to his house for safety. He turned around and started to head back when a large animal jump out of nowhere and attacked him"

She grabbed Colette as she said this and it scared the little girl so much she screamed.

"It's alright little one I'll protect you." Colette clung to her grandmothers shirt as she rubbed her back soothingly calming her down. After she calmed down she looked up at her grandmother.

"What happened to the guy after the animal attacked him?"

"Well he was still alive but very close to dying. He lay there on the ground bleeding a lot. He thought that he was going to die. He lay there until the moon was full in the sky and suddenly he started to get better. All of the wounds on his body started to heal.

When he was finally done healing and went back to his house and slept for a long time because he was exhausted. The next day he woke up and went back to his regular routine. But then that night as he lay in bed his bones started to crack. He was in a lot of pain. When the cracking stopped he lay panting on the ground.

After a few minutes he got up a felt a burst of energy. He started to run. He ran for hours on end never getting tired. He came upon a lake and trotted over to it. Then he looked down into the water and saw..." she held out trying to make the moment suspenseful.

"Come on Grandma what did he see?!" Colette exclaimed impatiently.

"He saw a wolf!" Colette jumped back and gasped.

"What? A wolf? He turned into a wolf?"

"He did. But Colette please remember that it's only a story."

"Okay grandma I know."

"Can you promise me something Colette."


"Promise me that you will never go into the Haro Woods. It's dangerous for little girls. There are a lot of dangerous animals and I don't want you to get hurt."

"I promise grandma" Colette tells her and hugs her.

Her grandmother pulls her closer to her body and rests her head on top of Colette's hoping that she keeps her promise.

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