Haro Woods

Colette gets dared to go into the woods in her small town and stay in there for an hour. It wouldn't been so bad if it wasn't for the odd sounds and no light in there.

While inside Colette gets attacked by some strange huge animal an passes out. She wakes up in an unfamiliar place in new clothes an all alone.

Where is she and what happen to her?


2. Chapter 1

10 Years Later


"What's the big deal Colette? Are you scared?" Chris, Colette's best friend Hope's boyfriend, teased her. They are all sitting in a field around a campfire playing truth or dare. Her friends had decided it would be one fun thing to do before school had started up again.

Hope and Chris sat on the tailgate Chris's truck while Colette, and Chris's befriend Jack sat on folding chairs around the fire. A few other people she didn't know who were also friends of Chris were sitting around another fire a few feet away.

"No I'm not scared. It's just that it's late and I don't want to get lost. Plus it's dangerous in the woods." She defended her argument. Why in the world who she want to go into the woods for an hour.

"What is so dangerous in there. The squirrels?" Jack asked her snickering.

"No but I don't know what other kind of animals are in there. There could be bears."

"Come on Colette it's not that big of a deal. Don't be a wimp. Here I'll even cut the time down. You'll only have to stay in there for a half an hour." Chris tried to negotiate with her.

She sighs and gives in knowing that if she didn't they would continue badgering her. And if she didn't she would never live down being 'a wimp'.

"Fine I'll do it." She stands up and wraps her jacket tighter around her front the sudden chill. They all cheer her on as she stomps her way towards the trees.

She grumbles to herself "The sooner I do it the sooner I can leave and never come back."

She takes a deep breath and pushes through the overgrown brush and into the woods.

She's not shocked at what it looks like. It's exactly what she expected. Lots of tall trees and bushes. There's no grass only dark dry earth.

As she continues to make her way further she notices just how close together the trees are. There's only about a five foot distance between each one.

She can barely see anything. The leaves and branches from the trees block the stars and the moonlight from peaking through. She has to squint hard to see anything.

She curses herself for not thinking to being a flashlight. She pulls out her phone and checks the time 9:47. When the clock reaches 10:15 she can finally leave.

She keeps going hoping that she can find a place to sit down so that shes not too far from the tree line and can  make her way back easily.

She finally finds a spot and settles down on the hard ground. She looks back towards the way she came and can faintly see the light from the fires her friends had started.

She pulls out her phone and check the time agin 10:03. Only a few more minutes. She decides to play a game to pass the time. She was so focused on the game that she didn't notice the anything stalking towards her.

Her focus was broke away from the phone when she heard a sound. She looked up and searched the darkness frantically for the thing that had made that sound.

She got onto her knees and turned around still searching. She saw movement out of the corner of her eyes and turned her head. She was met with a pair of glowing eyes out of the darkness.

The thing made a growling sound and advanced towards her. It was so dark that she couldn't see anything but it's glowing red eyes.

She looked around on the ground searching for anything that could be used as a weapon. She spotted a long stick laying a few feet away from her.

She could grab the stick and try to defend herself. She looked for the light from the campfire that she had saw only a few minutes ago but it was nowhere in sight.

She inched her way towards the stick trying not to draw to much attention to her movements. She was so frightened. Any second that thing could come after her.

She finally got close enough to the stick and picked it up and held it in front of herself. The animal growled louder at her and lunged.

She swung the stick at the animal and felt satisfied when she heard a loud crunch. She hit it and it rolled sideways on the ground.

She dropped the stick and took off running trying to find her way back to the field and her friends.

She pushed herself faster when she heard the sounds of pounding feet, broken branches, and rustling leaves behind her. Obviously the hit didn't do much damage to the animal.

She heard a huge growl and felt a big weight on her back as she fell to the ground. She screams as she feels the animal take a huge bite into her shoulder. She pulls her elbow back and hits the animal in its face trying to get it to loosen its hold on her.

It lets go trying to get a better place to grab onto and she uses that advantage to turn onto her back. She gets her feet underneath the animals belly and pushes up. It falls off of her and she quickly gets to her feet starting to run again.

The animal recovered quickly and grabbed her calf with its teeth making her fall once again. She kicks at it with her free foot but it's not willing to make the same mistake as last time.

It's pins her down with its body as it crawls on top of her.

She loses hope. I'm going to die she thinks to herself. There's nothing else that she can do.

She lays down in defeat feeling it's hot breath fan on her neck. She can tell the animal is savoring its victory as it towers over her waiting for the right moment.

Suddenly the weight of the animal is flung off of her back as if it was never there in the first place. She rolls over to see where it went.

She uses her phone as a source of light and sees two huge wolves fighting each other.

I need to get out of here she thinks to herself. She tries to stand up but falls back to the ground immediately due to the bite on her calf.

She then decides to crawl away as fast as she can. She gets onto her elbows and army crawls trying to hurry before wolves return their attention towards her.

Her movements become more sluggish the farther she moves. Her vision becomes black around the edges and she can feel herself drifting off into oblivion. She lays on the ground on her back and stares up at the trees.

She gives in to the sleep clouding her mind. It wish I could see the sky is the last thing she thinks before nodding off.


Colette rolls over and snuggles deeper into the bed enjoying the soft feel of the sheets.

Wait how did I get in a bed. The last thing I remember was laying in the woods after that wolf attacked me.

She opens her eyes, sits up, and looks around at her surroundings. She's in an unfamiliar room. It's obviously a guys room from the color scheme and the clothes lying on the floor.

The walls were a tan color with a dark brown accent wall. On the floor were various pair of pants and dirty shirts.

Colette sits up and grimaces from pain in her shoulder. She carefully stands up and walks over to the mirror hanging on the wall.

She is wearing different clothes than from what she was wearing last night. Someone changed her into and oversized t shirt and some sweatpants.

Who's room is this and where am I?

She lifts up her shirt and turns around so that she can get a better look at the injury.

She gasps and hers eyes widen as she looks at it. The bite itself is about the size of a newborn babies head. The teeth marks look to be about a half an inch deep and are an angry red color. There are also long red scratches running down the length of her back.

After examining the bite on her shoulder she moves on to the one on her leg. She rolls up the pant leg and see that this bite isn't near as bad as the one on her shoulder.

It's not nearly as deep or as big. It looks as if only the top part of the wolfs jaw had gotten her.

She fixes the clothes and thinks of what to do next.

I need to see a doctor. The one on my back might need stitches. Should I just leave or try and find someone in the house.

She decides to just leave without looking for someone. She doesn't know who's house it is. An axe murder could live here.

The logical part of her brain thought differently. That person saved you in the woods and brought you back here why would they want to kill you?

But her overactive imagination was to freaked out by her unknown surroundings to think logically. She just wanted to leave and go home.

Home. Did anyone even wonder where she was? Oh god Hope is probably freaking out right now. Did they try to go into the woods when she never came out of the woods?

She makes her way over to the door and turns the knob slowly trying not to make too much noise. When the door is open she peeks her head out and looks both ways down the hallway.

She sees a long staircase at the end of the hallway. She steps out into the hallway and carefully closes to door behind her.

She tiptoes over to the staircase with light feet. At the bottom of the stairs is a huge door.

Yes! Now all I have to do is get out the that door and-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a mans voice.

"Where do you think your going darling?"

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