Surviving Earth

I should have been floated. That was the punishment for anyone over eighteen who broke any of the rules. But I had one last trick up my sleeve, landing me on the drop ship to earth. What I wasn't expecting? To ever see Bellamy ever again. Earth might be our second chance, or it might be the only thing that could ever break us apart.


4. Chapter 4

                Coming out of the dropship, everything looked like chaos. Bellamy had left to talk to some of the other boys. A fire had been started as the sun set. The crowd parted for me to get through to where Bellamy and a few others were. Kids were lining up to get their wrist bands taken off.

                Bellamy was busy supervising and I didn’t make it to him before Wells did. This can’t be good. “What the hell are you doing?”

                Good question.

                “We’re liberating ourselves. What does it look like?” Bellamy asked.

                I stayed back, just watching. Wells looked absolutely lost about why this was happening.

                “It looks like you’re trying to get us all killed. The communication system is dead. These wrist bands are all we’ve got. Take them off and the ARK will think we’re dying, that it’s not safe for them to follow,” Wells said.

                Bellamy smirked. “That’s the point, Chancellor. We can take care of ourselves, can’t we?” He asked the crowd, who erupted into cheers.

                “You think this is a game? Those aren’t just our friends and our parents. They’re our farmers, our doctors, our engineers. I don’t care what he tells you. We won’t survive here on our own. And besides, if it really is safe, how could you not want the rest of our people to come down?”

                “My people, are already down. Those people locked my people up. Those people killed my mother for the crime of having a second child. Your father did that.” Bellamy approached him.

                The absolute hatred that dripped from his voice made me fear he’d try to hurt Wells. Not as much intentionally, but out of anger for who Wells’ father is. When I made a move to stop the inevitable fight, Murphey grabbed my arm.

                “Don’t touch me,” I hissed and he released me. I missed the next exchange between Bellamy and Wells. All I caught was Bellamy claiming that there were no laws. His mantra was whatever the hell we want. Murphey echoed him and the crowd joined in.

                “Sasha, you know this is crazy,” Wells pleaded when I walked up beside Bellamy. Both of them gave me equally expectant looks. Wells continued, “I know you know it. You calculate everything and you know I’m right. Or you’d be voicing your approval.”

                It is crazy. No rules can lead to too much chaos, but I won’t say it. Not here with everyone around. I loved Bellamy too much. In a private moment later we could talk. Some of the kids nearest us had stopped chanting to hear my response.

                “Please. Don’t choose their side. It’s going to lead to chaos and you can see that.”

                I slipped my hand into Bellamy’s. “You can believe whatever the hell you want.”

                The others started cheering again and Bellamy pulled me to his side and kissed me. I had to publicly stand with him or they might not follow him. Thunder boomed and rain started to fall.

                “We need to collect this,” Wells said. He wouldn’t look at me.

                “Whatever the hell you want,” Bellamy replied.

                “I’ll help you,” I called after Wells and tried to ignore the stare from Bellamy. He squeezed my hand so I couldn’t get away.

                “Sasha.” His tone was both a warning and laced with confusion.

                “He’s right, Bell. We should collect the water. It shouldn’t take long,” I said quietly and with a smile so no one knows that we were arguing.”

                He stared into my eyes and after a moment he let go. “Alright.”

                I went with Wells through the crowd. His silence toward me meant that he couldn’t understand why I’d done it. Helping him hang up a tarp to catch the water, I broke the silence. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t side with you publicly.”

                “Couldn’t? You chose not to,” his reply came as no surprise.

                “You should understand better than anyone, Wells.” I finished tying a knot and stepped back to watch the water catch in it.

                “What’s that supposed to mean?” Wells finally looked at me. Anger still showed on his features.

                “You would do anything for Clarke, even something wrong, because you love her. I would do the same for Bellamy. He’s been my friend since we were kids, and then we fell in love.”

                “People will get hurt, Sasha.”

                “I’m going to talk to Bellamy when I get him alone. I encouraged him to step up and be a leader. He can be a great one. This is just about something personal.” He shot the chancellor. If people come down, he’s terrified they’ll kill him. I’m not sure if that’s the whole story.

                Wells sighed and nodded. “Talk some sense into him. You might be the only one who can.”

                With that, he left me standing there. Everything had calmed down when I got back to the camp. Most of the 100 had tried to settle down and sleep. I went into the drop ship to do the same. It wasn’t until I woke up alone that I realized something was wrong.

                I shivered out in the cold damp air. I checked around the camp. No Bellamy. No Wells. Murphey and a few others were missing too. This cannot be good. I thought I wouldn’t be able to find them in the dark but I watched one of the boys who had been hanging around Murphey sneak off through the woods so I followed.

                When I reached where they were, I almost couldn’t believe it. Whatever Bellamy had said, Wells wasn’t agreeing.

                “No. Never. Not gonna happen. Is that clear enough for you?”

                “Yeah it is,” Bellamy said and uncocked his gun and stuck it back in the waistband of his pants. “I’m sorry it had to be this way.”

                Murphey and the boy I’d followed blocked his path. Murphey had a crow bar. They were going to force the wrist band off. When he ran, two others grabbed him. It took three to hold him down.

                “Bellamy!” I couldn’t believe he was doing this. He grabbed me around the waist before I got close to enough to help Wells. “Put the crow bar down Murphey or I’ll personally kick your ass!”

                “Sasha, stop,” Bellamy said, having no trouble keeping a hold of me. Wells was out numbered.

                “Might want to control your bitch, Bellamy,” Murphey threw out.

                “I swear to god, Murphey—” Bellamy’s hand clamped over my mouth and he lifted me up off the ground enough to carry me away. I didn’t get to see them take the wrist band off before Bellamy and I reached the woods.

                The second he set me down and started to release me, I turned and shoved him. “What the hell was that!”

                “Go on. Get it out.” He walked toward me again and I just shoved him back again.

                “Are you out of your damn mind?! You can’t go around forcing people to take their wrist bands off! This is not what I wanted when I told you to be a leader! Whatever the hell we want? That’s insane, Bell!” I shouted. He still waited, watching me carefully. “When there are no rules, things get out of hand. You have to see that.”

                “I do. But this is the way things are. What I did back there was to protect us. I had to do it, Sasha. If they come down, then I’ll be dead. I just got you and O back.”

                “You don’t know that they will—”

                “An officer told me that he’d get me on the drop ship if I killed the chancellor. Don’t you see? If he comes down, he’ll kill me so I won’t talk.”

                “Bell… why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, pausing from yelling. I was still angry inside, but he was right. They’d most likely kill him to shut him up.

                “Can we please stop arguing for one night?” He asked, holding out his hands.

                “Yeah… I don’t want to fight either,” I replied, taking them. “I’m sorry.”

                “Don’t be. I know you, remember? You always get like this when you have something that you just have to get out. I learned to just let it run its course until you’re ready to talk.”

                I laughed and rolled my eyes. “You get that way too.”

                “Oh no. Not like you do. You’re passionate about everything you do. That’s one of the many reasons I love you,” he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.

                We stayed in the woods for a little longer, just to be completely alone. We still had to talk about why we were arguing. But since our first big fight, we made it a practice to always get some sleep and talk in the morning when we’d both calmed down. In the safety of the drop ship, I still had a hard time sleeping. I tried to focus on Bellamy’s even breathing. Something about all of this still felt wrong. I just hoped that I was over analyzing this whole situation.

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