Surviving Earth

I should have been floated. That was the punishment for anyone over eighteen who broke any of the rules. But I had one last trick up my sleeve, landing me on the drop ship to earth. What I wasn't expecting? To ever see Bellamy ever again. Earth might be our second chance, or it might be the only thing that could ever break us apart.


2. Chapter 2

                The landing was anything but graceful. Impacting the ground with so much speed had to do some major damage to the ship. This could be our only source of shelter since it seemed one of the parachutes didn’t eject. We could be anywhere.

                Bellamy got up first. My harness had gotten stuck. With an amused smirk, he started to work the latch loose. “I’m half tempted to leave you like this,” he said and winked.

                With an eye roll, I smacked his arm. “In your dreams, lover boy.” God, I missed him. Our time together on the ship went all the way back to when we were kids.

                Bellamy chuckled and helped me to my feet. The kids above were talking and arguing. I walked over to the big door. The latch here must lower it. Who knows what is outside of this door. Earth was so far away from the ARK.

                “Octavia is on this ship,” Bellamy said, standing behind me. He slipped his arms around my waist, like I’d disappear if he let me go for too long.

                The hatch above opened and kids climbed down, filling the room. Bellamy had to calm them all down, leaving me to guard the latch. A few of the boys thought they’d outsmart me. One of them ended up with a swollen and bloody nose.

                “Stop!” A blonde girl climbed down the ladder. I recognized her. Clarke Griffin. Her father was floated for treason. She was a Phoenix girl. “The air could be toxic.”

                “If the air’s toxic, we’re all dead anyway,” Bellamy said, shutting her up. She knew he was completely right. Any of us could start showing symptoms of radiation poisoning.

                “Bellamy?” Octavia’s voice floated through the crowd. I hadn’t seen her in a while. Now watching the look of relief wash over Bellamy when Octavia made her way through the crowd, I couldn’t help but smile. “What the hell are you wearing? A guard’s uniform?”

                “I borrowed it… to get on the drop ship. Someone’s got to keep an eye on you,” Bellamy replied, embracing her once again.

                “Sasha, I heard they floated you,” Octavia said with an even bigger grin on her face when she hugged me next.

                I laughed and replied, “Yeah, well, someone has to keep an eye on him.” I winked at her. I’d always liked Octavia. She was like a little sister to me.

                Her laugh was cut short by Clarke. “Where are your wrist bands?” Neither me nor Bellamy had one.

                “Do you mind? I haven’t seen my brother in over a year,” Octavia snapped at her.  She hadn’t lost her fire over that year.

                “No one has a brother,” someone from the crowd shouted.

                “That’s Octavia Blake! The girl they found hidden in the floor,” Some girl replied.

                Bellamy grabbed her before she could jump anyone. The rumors spread fast on the ARK. As soon as she’d been discovered, it took a week for the entire colony to find out.

                “They aren’t worth it,” I said, looking from her to the crowd. A bunch scared kids whose crimes range from minuscule rules broken to murder.

                “I heard Sasha got arrested for illegal hacking,” Another boy said.

                “No, I heard it was for being a whore for all the security guards.” The statement was followed by whistling and catcalling.

                I glanced at Bellamy, who had no idea why I’d been arrested. He hadn’t been allowed to go to the trial. Rumors and hear-say was all there was. I would tell him when the right time came. “None of that matters. We aren’t on the ARK anymore.” That caught all their attentions.

                “Let’s give them something else to remember you by,” Bellamy said to Octavia.

                “Yeah, like what?” She asked, freeing herself from his grip.

                “Like being the first person on the ground in 100 years,” he replied, stepping closer to me to pull down the latch. I noticed the moment of hesitation before he did. No one knew what to expect when the door was lowered.

                The door opened to something no one thought we’d get to see in our lifetime. The sun felt warm and the wind tickled my skin. Earth was beautiful, vibrant. The trees stretched upward for miles. The only living plant on the ARK was the small tree we kept alive.

                Octavia slowly walked forward. Bellamy’s hand found mine as we watched her take in the surroundings. She stopped at the edge and took a deep breath before she hopped onto the solid ground. “We’re back, bitches!” She shouted.

                The rest of the kids went running out to explore. Part of me wanted to tell them not to wander too far, but the other part didn’t care. Bellamy and I were together with Octavia and that was all that mattered to me right now. He took both my hands once we were on the ground.

                “It’s too bad you weren’t the first one on the ground. Octavia needed the bragging rights.”

                “That’s okay. I can be the first person to do this,” I smirked and kissed him. Bellamy guided me until my back hit the drop ship. I locked my arms around his neck, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, while his hands slid around to my ass.

                “Later, we’ll be the first to do something else,” Bellamy said, moving his kisses to my neck.

                “Bellamy Blake, are you trying to seduce me?” I asked when he lightly bit my shoulder. He only stepped back when Octavia called to us.

                “I don’t think I have to do any seducing,” He said and winked. He squeezed my ass before Octavia got to us.

                Murphy’s voice caused us all to look in that direction. Wells held up his hands. “Relax, we’re just trying to figure out where we are.”

                “We’re on the ground. Isn’t that good enough for you?” Bellamy asked.

                Wells looked to Bellamy like he wanted him to understand our situation. “We need to find Mount Weather. You heard my father’s message. That has to be our first priority.”

                “Screw your father,” Octavia threw in. None us would say that we liked the Chancellor, or his privileged son. “What? You think you’re in charge? You and your little princess?”

                “Octavia,” I said, causing her to go silent. This was not the time to be fighting.

                “Do you think we care who’s in charge?” Clarke asked. She went on about going to mount weather so we don’t starve and that the way there is a long road. I personally didn’t care about that. Mobilizing all these kids is a pipe dream.

                “I got a better idea. You two go. Find it for us. Let the privileged do the hard work for a change,” Bellamy said.

                His words were met by cheers from most everyone. Bellamy was a born leader. It’s just too bad no one on the ARK saw his potential. Now, here on Earth, he could be a sort of unspoken leader. He is the oldest.

                “You’re not listening. We all need to go. Sasha, come on, you know I’m right,” Wells looked to me.

                Bellamy’s eyes shifted to me, questioning why Wells would think that I would agree. Before I could answer, Murphy shoved him. “Look at this everybody. The Chancellor of Earth.” Laughter broke out.

                “You think that’s funny?” Wells held his fists up.

                Murphy knocked him off his feet. Clarke was stopped from helping him. As I started to step in, Bellamy grabbed my arm. He kept his eyes on the fight. Wells got up, obviously hurt. He was limping, but still held up his fists like he could take on Murphy.

                Finn jumped down between them. “Kid’s got one leg. Why don’t you wait till it’s a fair fight?”

                That pretty much broke up the fight. Octavia upset Bellamy with her comment about Finn rescuing her next. He pulled her aside to talk with her. Normally, I would have stayed with him but instead, I went to walk around. Others in groups whispered and stared at me.

                I saw them, but I didn’t acknowledge it. Let them talk about something they didn’t understand. Earth had to be a new start for all of us. That wasn’t going to happen if things keep going the way they are. We all have to work together if we want to survive here.

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