An unforgettable journey

The train moved out of the station and all d passengers came back to their seats after bidding goodbyes to their near and dear ones.As soon as I got comfortable in my window seat,I noticed this stranger sitting opposite to me,glancing frequently at me in between the so called pages of the novel he was reading.I was, for one,annoyed with his glances and for his pretence that he was engrossed in reading!
A young man in his early thirties or so,I guessed,he was neatly dressed and seemed to come from a modest family.Then what could be the reason for his glances?I wondered.I quickly became aware of myself,trying to adjust my dupatta which had slipped off from its place and revealed my low neckline dress.As i put it right across my shoulders,I quickly ran my eyes towards him and caught his glimpse on my actions!
I felt awkward and somewhere liked it too!
After that I became conscious of each action.He sensed it as he offered me to help when I was struggling to open my suitcase lock.I thanked


1. At the platform

He was waiting to board the train..He seemed distressed over some issue and was waiting impatiently for the train to arrive.From his expressions he was desperate to reach his destination.He was tall,dark and handsome!Yes, he was the most attractive figure on the platform,atleast for Priya.Rushing out of the cab which had reached her to the station almost half an hour late because of the traffic,Priya was almost tumbling over anything that came her way as she tried to get to the 2 tier ac compartment boarding.As she panted for breath,she was relieved to hear the announcement that her train was half an hour behind schedule.And as she came to stand close to this handsome man,she had to say 'sorry' as her bag moved his luggage which toppled another bag kept on top.Wiping her face,Priya moved her fingers through her entangled hair trying to make herself presentable.But she was still lost in her own thoughts-how she had topped the university exams and had got a job in campus selection in the first round itself.Lost in her own capability and luck she was startled when the young man shouted,'Get in,the train has arrived'.

Once inside,she was surprised to find her seat with this young man in 2 tier ac coupe.While she adjusted her baggage ,he had seated himself near the window and was gazing out.

He had no right to look out when such a beautiful girl was beside him!She thought,as she was very conscious of all the stares she got wherever she went.As the train moved,Priya once again said 'sorry' to the stranger as she had stamped his feet while balancing herself as the train started.He looked up at her and when he saw her eyes,he was stupified.Her fair face with all features upright had no reason to be ignored,he thought!As she settled on the opposite seat,Priya took her comb and set het ruffled hair,quicky with her small mirrorin purse.'Hi,I am Vikrant,your partner for this journey'He intoduced himself putting his hand forward for a handshake and as she put her hand in his intoducing herself,she felt vibrations all throught her body! 'What was this happening?'she wondered.She had shaken hands with so many men earlier-her classmates in college,her new job colleagues,infact she was always amidst men but never had she got this kind of feeling,theae butterflies and sparkles all over her body on touvhing him.




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