My Life as Arabella

- All stories do not have happy endings. -

Arabella tell her story of living with cystic fibrosis. Falling in love but not having much time left, they both declare there love for one another before tragedy strikes.


5. Chapter 4.


 I am seriously surprised you stuck around for this long. Ready to get back to the story? I know you are. Lets get it. Now where was I. Blah Blah Doctor, Blah Blah Clip Board, Ah Sai.I knew Sai was on his phone, I didn't even have to look at him to tell. That's a shame right?

 After a few minutes, I heard a phone ring. I didn't know who's it was, but I wanted it to stop. The ringing was hell to my ears. Then Sai said, "I have to take this Bella, I'll be right back". He kissed my forehead and Clark groaned. He smirked and walked out of the room. Nothing like kissing a girl that's in a hospital bed and then rubbing it in her mothers boyfriends face. 

 I felt alone in the room after that. My mom was outside of the room, talking to the doctor, and Sai was outside taking a call. Even though Clark was there, he wasn't much of a comforter. He just laid back in his chair and watch whatever was on the TV. And he expects me to call him dad. 

 It was cold and I was bored. So I pulled the thin hospital blankets up over me and slowly fell asleep. I dreamed about restarting this whole day. From what I ate breakfast this morning to what landed me in the particular situation. I dreamed the Sai and I were living happily ever after with our two kids in our suburban home. Nice right?

 I woke up in Clark's arms. I had no idea why he was holding me and where'd we be going. But for once I felt safe around him. Like the way you'd feel around a dad. No I was not saying that I'd call him dad, or that he'd ever be one, I said that I felt that feeling you only get when you're around your dad. 

 As he carried me, I thought of Sai and Mom. I hadn't seen them since I'd went to sleep and I'd started to get worried. But every time I'd try to get up, Clark would slowly shush me and I'd lay my head back down like a little girl. He made me feel secure. I didn't wan't to leave his arms. 

 When Clark laid me down on a warm, soft bed, I thought I was home. But I realized I wasn't when I heard the loud noises of the hospital hallways. 

 "Clark" I said softly as he laid me down.

 "Hm?" He says while pulling a blanket up to my neck. It was a familiar blanket. It was my blanket. Who had brought my blanket to the hospital?

 "Where's my mom?" I asked while fixing my head on the hard hospital pillow. Whoever brought my blanket, couldn't have brought me a pillow too? Cliche.

 "She's just gone to get some food, she'll be right back" He said while sitting down in the chair closest to the bed. "You know you can call me d-"

 "Dad" I but in. I knew he longed for me to finally except him. And if I didn't do it know, when could I do it. "Dad" I say while taking it hand "Thanks for being here."

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